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Equipter Tow-A-Lift Product Update: November 2023

In June of 2023, we introduced the Equipter Tow-A-Lift towable forklift concept on our blog along with some preliminary renderings. In October, Equipter took a prototype of the Tow-A-Lift to the Equip Expo in Louisville, KY. Positive feedback at the show was instantaneous and videos of the Tow-A-Lift in use quickly went viral. This post outlines who is most interested in the Tow-A-Lift so far, what our current production timeline for the Tow-A-Lift is, and when to expect target specs.

Equipter towalift - the towable forklift* A prototype of the patent pending Tow-A-Lift is pictured here.

We have had hundreds of people reaching out to learn more about how this towable forklift can benefit their specific use cases. We have heard from remodelers and construction firms who intend to use the Tow-A-Lift to move doors, stairs, glass, and woodworking into residences. We have heard from commercial installers who could use a towable lift for moving heavy pieces of equipment over delicate surfaces. Many companies who move stone and pavers onto properties have inquired about the Tow-A-Lift, specifically for its unique ability to lift and move loads over uneven terrain while minimizing disturbances to landscaping.

There are many places where resodding after using a track loader or skid steer is simply not possible, places where landscaping has to be maintained at all times. We’ve heard from many types of businesses, from trade show services to wedding setup to the sports industry, where there is a need for an easy-to-transport, easy-to-operate, maneuverable material lift that will not damage landscaping. Similar to Equipter’s flagship model, the Equipter 4000, the Tow-A-Lift has large tires and is designed to maximize weight distribution. Both units are designed with maintaining landscaping in mind.

This is the tip of the iceberg. We have had interest from industrial manufacturers, from transportation companies, from the agriculture sector, from building supply, and beyond. The Equipter Tow-A-Lift is a lift that can be used in a broad variety of residential and commercial applications and can handle different types of terrain, all with the simplicity of being towable by pickup. This towable lift’s ability to be towed behind a standard pickup truck eliminates the need for a trailer or a specialized cargo truck for a truck mounted forklift.

Attendees of the Equip Expo were first to see how the Equipter Tow-A-Lift is controlled: by a remote belly pack. The Tow-A-Lift’s remote control system allows for a 360° visual vantage as it operates, improving safety and providing visibility of potential obstacles on rough terrain. The Tow-A-Lift’s intuitive, user-friendly controls can be quickly picked up by virtually any user. Additionally, the Tow-A-Lift will be the first Equipter model to have a diagnostic display panel on the unit itself.

Equipter is currently planning to deliver its first batch of Tow-A-Lift towable forklifts in the first half of 2024. We will be providing a cumulative update of preliminary specs (including unit dimensions, targeted lift height, and targeted weight capacity) soon.

Update (Jan 11, 2024): We have updated our Tow-A-Lift product page with specs, a new video, and information on how to place a pre-order. To get the latest information on the Tow-A-Lift, please visit the product page.