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How to Film Roofing Testimonials for Your Website and Social Media

From word-of-mouth to online reviews, the testimonial is the most effective way to market your roofing business. So how do you take a happy customer’s testimonial and leverage it into a long-lasting referral?

Consumers are increasingly turning to video to get the information they want online, so it's no wonder that 87% of businesses are now using video to attract customers. If you want a fair chance of beating your competition, it's time to step out of the dark and start filming! Creating video testimonials to post on your website or blog and share on social media is easier than you think! Take a look at this roofing testimonial video for a sample of what you might want to shoot for.



Roofing Testimonials: Tips for Filming Captivating Videos

Ask a thrilled homeowner.ask homeowner for roofing testimonial videos

Empower your foreman (or another employee tasked with follow-up) to ask any client who expresses satisfaction if they’ll appear on a short testimonial video. Remember, some people aren’t comfortable speaking on camera, so expect to receive a few rejections, even from clients raving about the work. (As an alternative to a video testimonial, ask him or her to post an online review for your roofing business on Google or Facebook instead.)

Pick a filming location.

Make it as easy as possible for a client to say “yes” to your request by offering to film the video at their home. When it’s time to film, choose a spot with ample natural lighting, if possible.

Keep the interviewer off camera.

A viewer can become distracted when more than one person appears on the screen, so keep the camera focused on the homeowner giving the testimonial.

Focus on having a conversation.

The best testimonials won’t sound forced or scripted. Interact with the homeowner in a give-and-take conversation before the video to get the homeowner comfortable, and keep this tone going when the camera is rolling. You can always edit the interview if the customer goes off-topic.

Keep the edited version short.

Edit the roofing testimonial using one of the many available editing programs (some are free; others carry a cost). Options include Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, or video editing apps and browser extensions. Consumer surveys suggest the ideal length for a video customer testimonial is up to 60 seconds.

Thank the client!

Make the homeowner feel appreciated for the time they spent creating a video testimonial. Send a handwritten thank-you note and, perhaps, a small token of appreciation, like a gift card to a local restaurant.

Roofing Testimonials: Video Equipment Checklist

If you don’t already own equipment to film a testimonial for your roofing company, no worries! You can get the right equipment without busting your marketing budget. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Smartphone: No need to invest in a fancy video camera! Many smartphones, particularly iPhones, can shoot good-quality video.
  • Microphone: Low-quality sound makes it frustrating to listen to any video, so invest in a good microphone that reduces background noise and amplifies the customer’s speaking voice. Try equipment like the Lavalier Lapel Mic, which retails for under $20.00.
  • Tripod: Free your hands and produce a better-quality video without the shakes and shimmies by mounting the smartphone on a tripod, like this one.
  • Cell Phone Tripod Adapter: This piece securely affixes the cell phone to the tripod. Consider using this adapter, or you can find plenty of options to fit your particular cell phone online.

Now get out there and start filming those roofing testimonials to share on your website, blog, and social media! For more tips and guidance on building a successful contracting business, keep a close eye on our blog and follow Equipter on Facebook.