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6 Tips [And Tools] to Boost Construction Productivity

Productivity is a prime driver of profit in the construction industry. Add small construction dumpsters and these need-to-know tips to your construction productivity toolkit.


Do get out of the tool or equipment rut.

Whether you learned the construction trade at your dad’s knee or you’ve been in the industry for decades, the tools you learned to work with in your craft aren’t necessarily the best tools available for making progress in the construction industry now.

Do an equipment inventory to assess the type and quality of what your team has been using. Talk with crews to find out what construction equipment will make them more productive on the job—their perspective is critical since they’re using the tools day-in, day-out. They need construction equipment that's easy to operate so they can spend more time getting the job done and less learning intricate, complicated processes.

Take a look at the Equipter RB3000 self-propelled small construction dumpster to streamline debris handling. Its compact size and tight turning radius allows your crew to easily move materials and debris around virtually any job site without damaging existing lawns or landscaping. Landscapers can load this construction trailer with anything from mulch to pebbles to sand—any essential characteristics to spruce up the project. Remodelers can dump tons of shingle and siding debris into the lightweight aluminum container for easy transport.


Don’t let communication get confusing.

Dozens of ways to communicate with teams these days, from Slack to texts to emails, can actually muddy the waters of communication, reducing efficient construction productivity. Maybe half the team uses text messages, while the other defaults to email. This can make production updates difficult to manage.

Define first-choice communication, especially for construction workers in the field. Having a standard method of communication streamlines messaging, making sure messages are less likely to be overlooked. The result is higher productivity and less frustration for your hard-working employees.

Don’t let onsite inventory get out of control.

Nothing slows down a construction project like not having the materials needed to complete that day’s work. Invest time on each project making sure site materials are properly stocked and organized to reduce the amount of time crews spend hunting for items or—worse—waiting for the right piece to arrive. Staying organized leads to less stress and improved production for your construction crew.

Do regularly inspect and maintain equipment.

You’ve invested money into the construction equipment that gets the job done—don’t lower that investment’s value and hamper productivity by neglecting regular maintenance. Paying attention to maintenance also lowers the risk of injuries on the job and unnecessary repairs, which would otherwise lead to project downtime.

Use the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule or remote monitoring system as the baseline for keeping trucks, small construction dumpsters, and other equipment in proper working condition.

Don’t keep crews in the dark.

Even experienced construction workers have a tough time doing what’s expected of them when they don’t know what’s expected of them. Be open and clear with crews about their responsibilities and the goal of each project. Make sure they’re aware of production schedules and deadlines, as well.

Do treat your crew like the professionals they are.

Workplace productivity increases by as much as 25% when employees feel engaged. Create a positive workplace culture that provides the tools, processes, and empowerment that supports engagement. A few ways to build a positive—and productive—workplace include:

Whether you invest in a productivity-boosting self-propelled dumpster or engage your team with a well-designed rewards program, consider these tips to build a contracting company primed for profit. Bookmark the Equipter blog and check back weekly for more ways to improve production, sales, and employee morale.