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4 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Hydraulic Dump Trailer for Roofing

Whether you’re buying an additional hydraulic dump trailer or replacing one that’s seen better days, you probably have a pretty good handle on what you’re looking for in this kind of roofing equipment. But the real question is this: Is a hydraulic dump trailer the best equipment option for your money?

The hydraulic dump trailer has long been the go-to roofing equipment, but this traditional dump trailer is not necessarily the best tool for roofers.

The Equipter RB4000 is a tool that actually boosts a crew’s efficiency and productivity, so your business can book more jobs. If you’re looking to buy a hydraulic dump trailer, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

hydraulic dump trailer

1. Is a traditional hydraulic dump trailer self-propelled for easy onsite positioning?

No. Your crew needs a truck or van to move and manipulate the average hydraulic dump trailer onsite—and even then you may not be able to position it exactly where employees can easily access it. Moving, positioning, repositioning, lugging materials because you still can’t get it close to the much extra time does all that add to your job? How much hassle?

The Roofer’s Buggy was designed by roofers, because our team had firsthand experience struggling to move traditional equipment on the job site—a major efficiency buster. What’s worse, wrangling a dump trailer around a residential or commercial building can easily lead to property damage.

self-propelled trailer

The RB4000 is designed to eliminate that frustration. This innovative piece of roofing equipment is self-propelled by a gas-powered engine, which means your crew moves this dump trailer alternative virtually anywhere it needs to be. Less time and hassle means lower labor costs.

2. Can you lift and roll back a hydraulic dump trailer to cover customers’ landscaping?

No. The typical hydraulic dump trailer for roofing stays where you park it—that’s assuming you can get it close to the building.

The new age hydraulic dump container, the RB4000, allows you to lift and extend the container over homeowners’ landscaping, so you can protect their prized property, whether it’s a pricey Japanese maple tree or an antique fishing gnome statue. The lift-and-roll-back feature helps prevent property damage, leading to satisfied customers who refer your roofing company to friends and family.

roofing lift trailer

3. Can you raise a hydraulic dump trailer 12 feet?

Another negative. The typical hydraulic dump trailer that some roofing companies invest in offers the ability to dump, but the Roofer’s Buggy gives your crew the ability to raise the container up to 12 feet high. This gives employees or colleagues the power to easily dump debris into a larger container or truck so it can be hauled for disposal. Plus, the RB4000 incorporates a powered tailgate to make it simple to dump from any position, high or low.

4. What will a hydraulic dump trailer do to boost efficiency, streamline roofing debris management, and increase your bottom line?

If the answer is, “Not much,” then it’s time to consider an alternative that doesn’t just work hard—it works smart. Discover more ways the Roofer’s Buggy creates efficiency, reduces hassle, and gives you the potential to book more jobs.

Increase Job Site Efficiency with the Equipter RB4000

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