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No Hitch Time Rentals: Equipter 4000 Rental Deliveries

The Equipter blog has previously covered how easy renting the Equipter 4000 is. We have posted a complete guide to renting the Equipter, our YouTube page has tutorials on operating the Equipter in English and Spanish, and we have an interactive rental location tool to find which of our 400+ rental providers are closest to you. What some people may not know is that some rental locations offer deliveries to and from your job site, making the process of renting an Equipter 4000 even easier.

Multiple Equipter 4000s on a job site

Equipter’s interactive rental map shows companies across the United States and Canada who rent the Equipter 4000. If you do not have the means to tow the Equipter but need to rent one for a roofing, remodeling, or demolition job, many locations offer delivery to and from your location, typically charging by the mile to deliver it. The best way to find a location that has a unit available and offers delivery is by using our rental locator tool and inquiring about delivery. Depending on how long you plan to rent an Equipter for, some rental companies may be willing to make a long haul to get a unit out to you.

The self-driving Equipter 4000 is a piece of equipment that is in a class of its own. With the ability to drive it, position it right where it is needed, lift its 4.1 cubic yard box to catch debris from a roofline or second story, then use it to drive debris to a dumpster or other receptacle, the Equipter saves time and minimizes repetitive and dangerous manual labor. The Equipter 4000 has been used by roofing crews for nearly 20 years.