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Pairing the Equipter 4000 with Roll-Off Dumpsters

Roll-off dumpsters are a common sight on construction, remodeling, and roofing jobs. They are versatile for handling a wide range of materials but with restrictive mobility and the potential for property damage, it isn’t often that a roll-off dumpster alone can handle a full job. This article will explain how pairing the Equipter 4000 with a roll-off dumpster offers exceptional debris handling.

The Equipter 4000 dumping debris into a roll-off dumpster
Renting a roll-off dumpster is a practical solution for managing a large amount of waste or debris. Rented roll-off dumpsters are typically delivered by specialized roll-off trucks who will then pick up the dumpster and transport it away at the end of the job. It’s an ideal tool for large-scale projects though it does come with some drawbacks. Roll-off dumpsters are large and require a significant amount of space on a property. Many homeowners do not want roll-off dumpsters on their lawns, which can cause indentations and ruts or, during long term projects, cause grass underneath the dumpster to become stressed or die due to lack of sunlight and airflow. The weight of roll-off dumpsters can cause cracking and sinking in asphalt when placed on a homeowner’s driveway.

The Equipter 4000 eliminates many of these issues. When the proper permits are obtained, a roll-off dumpster can be placed on a public road near a work site. The self-propelled Equipter 4000 can drive debris from a job to a roll-off dumpster and dump the Equipter’s contents into the dumpster. The Equipter 4000 can be maneuvered to areas large dumpsters cannot reach and, with more precise placement, debris can be handled more efficiently with less cleanup and handling. Using the Equipter not only saves time, it reduces strain associated with lifting and carrying heavy debris.

Roll-off dumpster rentals are as easy as picking up a phone and Equipter rentals can be just as easy. The Equipter 4000 is available to rent from 400 locations across the United States and Canada. Please see our rental map to find the location nearest to you. The Equipter 4000 can be towed by a pick-up truck and does not require any specialized equipment to transport. Some Equipter rental locations offer delivery, it’s a question worth asking if you are interested in using one for the first time. A recent article on our site is a complete guide to renting the Equipter and our website features tutorials on how to use the Equipter 4000.

If you are interested in buying an Equipter, reach out to our sales team.