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3 Reasons Roofing Employees Love the Roofer’s Buggy

Do you have the right tools for your roofing jobs—the kind of equipment that makes you more productive while reducing hassle? The real-world measure of any tool’s value can be found in what the roofers who’ve worked with it are saying. Take a look at these three reasons for any roofing employee to love the Equipter RB4000, the very first Roofer's Buggy.

Roofing Employees

1. It's self-propelled.

Your crew drives this unit wherever it needs to be on the job site. A gas-powered hydraulic drive system and tight turning radius combine to get the compact RB4000 into tight spaces with less time and hassle than traditional equipment, like dump trailers. As a roofing employee, this gives you the ability to set up and tear down jobs faster—even in residential areas—with fewer of the headaches that cause delay and frustration.

self-propelled trailer

2. It does the hard work of material transport/lifting and debris removal.

How much time and sweat do you put into getting new materials to the roof? How about getting thousands of pounds of shingles off?

One of the top reasons roofers love the RB4000 Roofer’s Buggy is that it handles some of the most physically demanding aspects of roofing. You drive it right up to the building and raise the materials via the container’s 12-foot lift. As you work, you can drop siding, shingles, nails, and other roofing debris into the raised container, which offers a 10.5-foot catch area, and then lower it when it’s full and take it to your on-site dumpster or dump truck.

Roofer Dan Williams with Hillcrest Roofing said after working with the RB4000 for the first time:

“It has hydraulics. It lifted…basically a new dumpster up to the roof. There’s a tailgate that opens and two wing gates that open so that we were able to set up chutes and everything.”

What’s more, because the Roofer’s Buggy is self-propelled, you or your fellow roofing employees can drive the container full of debris and scraps directly to wherever it needs to go, such as a larger truck or trailer parked on the road.

The result is that you’re able to work in a streamlined way that gets rave reviews from your customers and your boss.

shingle lift 

3. It may reduce wear and tear on your body.

Roofing is a physically demanding job—and that shows up in industry stats. For example, in one study of roofers aged 40-59, 10% left the trade within one year. Those who left due to health reasons were more likely to suffer a moderate to severe economic impact as a result.

While no single piece of roofing equipment completely eliminates the potential for injury, using the right tools may help reduce the risk of back injuries, pulled muscles, puncture wounds, and injuries from falling debris. The RB4000 Roofer’s Buggy handles some of the heavy lifting and debris removal that might otherwise hurt roofers or wear them down physically.

Roofer Dan Williams says, "This is a major lifesaver. This will probably encourage me to work at least another 2-3 years.”

To hear more about Dan’s first experience with the RB4000, check out this short video.

As a roofing employee, you want to work smarter (not harder!). Contact Equipter to learn how the RB4000 will help you do your job better.