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Rise To Overcome Tricky Roofing Challenges With The Equipter RB4000

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We know you didn’t get into the roofing business because you thought it would be easy. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for tools that can help you do your job with less effort.

The Equipter RB4000 has features that can save you time and help you work more effectively.

rb4000 equipment

Because it has a 4000-pound lift capacity, you can use it as not only a debris container, but as a shingle lift as well. Its 12-foot lift allows you to position its container to take materials directly to the top of one-story roofing jobs. When fully extended, that 12-foot lift combined with the Equipter's wide catch area enables you to collect shingle debris from a three- or four-story roof. 

rb4000 roofer's buggy

Plus, by using the RB4000’s 4-foot roll-back feature to extend its container over landscaping and underneath roofing eaves, you can assure customers that their properties won’t get damaged by falling scraps.

We designed the Equipter to give you more capabilities and greater versatility than any other roofing tool. Take a moment to watch below how it can help your roofing company rise to the occasion on your projects.

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