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Roofing Tool List: 6 Must-Have Roofing Hand Tools for Your Crews

Are your roofing replacement crews equipped with the tools that help them get the job done right? Learn the must-have roofing hand tools your crew needs to finish the project safely and efficiently.  

roofing hand tools for roofers

Tool #1: Estwing 16-ounce Hammer

We love roofing hand tools like this hammer because it’s big enough to get the job done, but small enough that it won’t weigh down your hand. This model includes a Shock Reduction Grip® that absorbs vibrations (up to 70%) for a less jarring use. Estwing also manufactures its hammer in the USA—and that’s always a plus with our team.

Tool #2: Fiberglass Tear-off Barroofing fiberglass tear off bar

The fiberglass handle is stronger than wood but still lightweight, so it helps reduce wear and tear on your body. We like tear-off bars with a replaceable steel fulcrum to give that extra oomph needed to remove shingles.

Tool #3: Stanley Straight Blade Knife

stanley-straight-blade.jpgThis heavy-duty straight blade knife is a no-fuss hand tool that should be tucked into every roofer’s kit. Constructed with a cast steel handle and easily replaceable blade, it has the durability to handle jobs day-in and day-out. Plus, it’s cheap and that’s always good for the bottom line, no matter how big your roofing business is. Stanley offers other utility knives, too, including one with an ergonomic blade. 

Tool #4: FatMax Long Cut Snipsshingle shears

When it’s time to cut asphalt or fiberglass shingles, roofing hand tools like these specialized shears are a must. This one is has long cut snips so your cuts are more effective. It’s also durable enough to handle hundreds of cuts every day so your crew gets the job done quickly and reliably. It also has a auto release mechanicism to easily transfer from cutting to storing.

Tool #5: Stanley Wonder Bar®roofing hand tool wonder bar

The Wonder Bar is a workhorse, engineered for efficient prying and levering. Stanley also offers the Super Wonder Bar®, which is made with an extended tongue for hard-to-reach areas and an arched center that eliminates the need for a wood block. 

Tool #6: Stanley Hammer Tackerstanley hammer tacker

Install roofing felt or insulation with a heavy-duty tacker designed to save time on the job. The hammer tacker operates with a swinging motion, giving it a big advantage over a typical staple gun; your roofers may be less likely to develop a painful form of tendonitis called trigger finger. Tendonitis is a common injury in the construction trade, and it can result in the need for physical therapy, steroid injections, or surgery—so it’s worth investing in tools that may reduce the risk. What’s more, depending on the size of the hammer tacker, roofers generally get more reach than they would with a trigger-type staple gun.

These aren’t the only pieces of roofing equipment that increase efficiency and help reduce physical wear-and-tear on crew members. Check out 8 Unique Roofing Tools That Boost Productivity.  

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