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8 Unique Roofing Tools That Boost Productivity

Roofing professionals know that tools are a must-have part of getting the job done correctly and efficiently. Add these 8 unique roofing tools that boost productivity to your Need list.

1. Cordless Roofing Nailer

unique roofing toolsEquipment like a Duo-Fast Cordless Roofing Nailer is ideal for repair jobs where you want to get in and out quickly. It’s comfortable in the hand and fires up to 2 nails per second, so you’re more productive. For a more hard-core roofing nailer, check out this Bostich 15-degree corded roofing nailer with a zero-nail lockout feature and side loading canister for quick one-step nail loading. We recommend this for a go-to roofing nailer when your ready to pound out a larger roofing project.

2. Shingle Hog

shingle hog roofing tool

We love roofing tools designed by roofers, and this one is no exception. The air compressor-powered Shingle Hog reduces tear-off time by easily removing old shingles. It can even tear off two- or three-layer roofs. One of the biggest benefits is that it saves wear and tear on a roofer’s back, shoulders, and arms, which can decrease time lost to injury. 

3. Cap Nail Gun

stinger gap nailer roofing tool

When you want an efficient way to secure underlayment, felt, or house wrap, a cap nail gun, like the Stinger CN100B, is a go-to tool for roofers. It shoots 3 caps per second, and that will give you a productivity boost, especially on days the sun is blazing down on your back. The unit is small, too, so it won’t weigh down your hand as much as other roofing tools.

4. Equipter RB4000 

roofing tool equipter rb4000

The self-propelled RB4000 roofing container is a big-time productivity booster—the kind with the potential to increase revenue and lower labor costs. Here’s how it works:

  • Tow the Equipter to the job site just like you would with an ordinary trailer.
  • Drive the RB4000 virtually anywhere on the property via its gas-powered motor.
  • Position the container next to the home. If needed, extend the bed up to 4 feet backwards to position the container over flowerbeds and other landscape features.
  • Raise the container to the roofline, up to 12 feet high.
  • Deposit roofing debris directly into the Equipter—no need to throw materials down onto tarps anymore.
  • Dump the filled RB4000 into a larger container or truck.

With an Equipter RB4000 on the job, you not only boost roofing productivity, you also save physical wear and tear on your crew—and that can translate into less time lost due to strains, pulls, and other injuries. Now you can even rent the self-propelled dump trailer. Just click on the link below to locate one closest to your next job.

Find the Closest Equipter 4000 to Me

5. Automatic Staple Gun

automatic staple gun for roofingWhen you need to tack underlayment quickly, this is an ideal tool for roofers because it can speed up the process quite a bit over a typical hand tacker. The Fasco F1B 50-16 Fine Wire Auto Stapler is lightweight, plus it offers an extra-long magazine so you spend less time reloading. Check out this video on the set-up process and how it functions.

6. Stow-A-Brake

stow-a-brake roofing brake storage

Made by the Equipter team, Stow-A-Brake is an easy way to mount your aluminum brake to the ladder rack on your truck. It’s engineered with gas springs for no-hassle setup and takedown. Plus, it requires just one crew member—not two—to operate. Stow-A-Brake is one of the top tools for roofing, but it’s also a productivity-booster for window and siding installers as well as general contractors.   

7. Turbo Shear

turbo shear for your roofing tools

Get the job done with a metal-cutting shear by Malco, which can make straight, curved, or square cuts in most metal sheets. The shear inserts into the back of a drill (corded or cordless) with zero hassle. And it’s constructed with lightweight aluminum, so using it won’t drag you down or wear you out—always a plus with roofing tools! To see the Turbo Shear in action, check out this youTube link.

8. Equipter Roof Chutes

roof chutes for equipter 4000

Roofers using the RB4000 can utilize this tool to boost onsite efficiency. The Equipter Roof Chute diverts shingles, nails, and other debris directly into the Equipter’s container, so they stay out of gutters and off the lawn. 

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