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The Equipter And Your Bottom Line: What Is The Return On Investment?

You have seen how transformative the Equipter 4000 can be for businesses, you know about its potential for marketing and visibility, and maybe you’ve even rented one or have seen one used on a job. To make the numbers work financially, it’s important to look at how the Equipter will increase the profitability of your company. This article will explain ROI (return on investment) and provide a tool to see how much the Equipter can benefit your business.

The Equipter 4000 lifts its box

Calculating ROI can be daunting but the basics are easy to understand. First you have the investment cost which is the initial purchase price of equipment as well as any additional costs associated with its acquisition such as delivery, taxes, and financing fees. The second number to understand is cost savings, the ability of the equipment to allow you to complete projects more quickly. At Equipter, the number we frequently hear from our contractors is that their jobsite efficiency increases by 30% when using the Equipter 4000. This can mean 2-4 more closed jobs a month and the need for fewer workers on the ground for clean up.

To help you see your potential return on investment with the Equipter, we have built an interactive profit calculator tool. The only information you will need to supply to calculate your ROI is your yearly revenue (this information is not stored anywhere). The increase in efficiency value is already prepopulated as is the initial investment cost of purchasing an Equipter. You can update both numbers if you like. For example, you can add taxes and delivery from a Build Quote onto the cost of an Equipter. The number of crews field will multiply the number of Equipter 4000s needed for a company. Most businesses starting out can leave this number at 1, meaning one Equipter 4000 for one crew. Once you hit the calculate button, you will see the net profit increase for the first year of use. To see net profit over several years, multiply the number of years and your yearly revenue total. For example, if you would like to see your return of investment over a three year period, multiply your yearly revenue on the first line by three. In industries where an equipment investment can be substantial, a common guideline is to aim for an ROI period of 1 to 3 years.

One area where the Equipter shines is in its residual value. Once you see how much your net profit will increase over the first three years of use using the ROI calculator, also factor that the Equipter 4000 historically retains its market value very well. Whereas some specialized equipment may see accelerated depreciation or obsolescence, the Equipter has been in business since 2004 and an astounding number of early units are still in use in the field. The Equipter is built in America and built to last. Its equipment lifespan far exceeds other tools in its category.

Once you see the benefit of the Equipter 4000 for your business in actual dollar value, you will see why it has such a sudden and long-lasting positive financial impact for businesses across America. To build the package that is right for you, you can use our Build + Buy system. To reach out to our sales team, please click here.