What is the Equipter's ROI?

Is the Equipter 4000 Worth the Investment?

Find out how the Equipter 4000 can impact your business with Equipter's net profit calculator.

Equipter Net Profit Calculator

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*Pre-populated "Cost of Equipters" is the cost of one Equipter 4000 and is multiplied by "Number of Crews" in "Net Profit Increase." Cost does not include financing.

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Above: Rodney Reisman of Eustis Roofing shares how the Equipter 4000 has impacted his bottom line.

Do More with Equipter

Whether you have employees or sub crews or you're a one-man band, Equipter products are designed to make the whole job easier. Originally invented for roofers by roofers, these drivable dump containers contribute to every part of the roofing process, from marketing to sales to production.


Keep It Clean: Maintain Your Professional Image

In increasingly competitive industries, it's essential to stand out from the crowd. You can't afford to let your professional image slip away once you close a sale. 


Equipter products like the Equipter 4000 drivable dumpster help you maintain the image you work so hard to establish through marketing and sales. Hardworking laborers across the country use these contactless debris disposal tools to alleviate customers' concerns about already stressful projects.


Watch one homeowner's uplifting experience with a roofing company that used the Equipter RB4000 on her job here.


What happens when you maintain professionalism with the Equipter 4000?


Less Ground Labor = More Profits

When cleanup requires fewer guys on the ground, you can focus more on getting the job done. Taking a day or two to train your cleanup crew on other aspects of production–roof installation, siding replacement, water and fire damage restoration projects, etc.–produces these desired long-term effects:

The money your company saves as a result of using the Equipter 4000 on nearly every job can be put back into building your business. Whether that means boosting your marketing budget, starting more crews, or expanding your service area, investing in this multifunctional piece of roofing equipment just makes sense.


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Still Can’t Decide? 

If you’re still not sure whether you should buy the Equipter 4000, here are a few resources to help you make a more informed decision: 

We’re also happy to answer questions by email at sales@equipter.com. If you’d rather connect directly with an Equipter representative, just call 717-661-3591

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