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The Equipter 4000 and Three Simple Home Remodeling Projects

Roofers and general contractors use the self-propelled Equipter 4000 trailer to keep jobsites clean and safe. What homeowners may be surprised to learn is that the Equipter can be rented for a weekend and used for quick home remodeling and renovation projects. This article will explore how the Equipter 4000 can assist on three projects to beautify your home.

Moving mulch with an Equipter 4000

Second floor bathroom renovations can be a cumbersome task because old fixtures, materials, and other waste usually have to be bagged and carried through the living area of a home to get to the trash. The Equipter 4000’s 4.1 cubic yard box can be lifted to a second story window where debris and waste materials can be safely removed. The Equipter can be driven under its own power to a rollaway dumpster where it can dump its contents. For smaller jobs, the Equipter can be towed with debris still inside of it to a waste management site. The Equipter can lessen the amount of time and mess associated with this stage of a renovation project. In this video, you can see how the Equipter 4000 is used on a similar second story renovation job.

A popular remodeling project is maximizing storage space with built-in shelves or bookcases. For owners of split-level homes, moving premade storage solutions up a set of stairs and into a living space may prove to be difficult. The versatile Equipter 4000 can be used as a drivable material lift. It is able to lift 4,000 pounds and is perfect for moving large pieces up to a deck where it can be moved into a home. The Equipter 4000 can facilitate installing large organizer systems that might not be otherwise possible for some home layouts.

A job that has a quicker, cleaner solution with Equipter is moving mulch. Often mulch is delivered to a driveway and a wheelbarrow is used to take it to where it is needed. With the Equipter 4000, you can tow the Equipter to pick up mulch, have the mulch loaded into its box, drive it to your home, and then drive the self-propelled Equipter to exactly to where the mulch will be used. The Equipter 4000’s wide tires are designed to distribute its weight and minimize damage to landscaping. For properties with large yards, this is the perfect solution.

The Equipter 4000 is available to rent at nearly 400 rental locations across the United States and Canada. To read a step-by-step guide to renting the Equipter, click here. To find the rental location nearest to you, view our rental locator map.