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3 Types of Roofing Systems and the Equipter RB4000

Residential roofers and general contractors love using the Equipter RB4000 on their asphalt shingle roof replacement jobs. But what many laborers and business owners don’t realize is that they can use the RB4000 on different types of roofing systems, too. 

Here, we touch on the possibilities with clay tile, wooden shake, and sheet metal roofing systems. If you specialize in any of the below systems, consider testing the RB4000 on your next job.

1. Clay Tile Roofing Systems

Did you know that concrete and clay roofing tiles can be over 33 times as heavy per square foot as asphalt shingles? Replacing a clay tile roof is a heavy and messy job. With the RB4000, roofing contractors can eliminate the backbreaking work of throwing these tiles onto the ground and hauling new tiles to the roof.

clay tile roofing system

Since the lid of the RB4000 opens to create a 10.5-ft catch area, roofers can easily use their tear-off tools to slide old tiles into the 4.1 cu-yd container. This eliminates the time it takes to walk over to the roofline and drop the used tile, hoping it lands on an unsteady debris-catching system without damaging plants. 

The Equipter also doubles as a material and shingle lift that reaches up to 12 feet, so you don’t strain your back or lose balance when hauling materials up a ladder throughout the day.

Sales Tip: If your potential customer is looking to invest in a tile roofing system, share this article from The Spruce to help them determine what style is best for their home and environment. 

2. Wooden Shake Roofing Systems

Although wooden shakes aren’t as sharp or heavy as broken roofing tiles, they can still crush delicate landscape features like flowers and small shrubs. Blue tarps aren’t nearly as effective in protecting your customers’ landscapes as the Equipter. The RB4000 features a 4-ft rollback, which allows it to stretch over more petite landscape elements and catch debris before it even has a chance to hit the ground. 

wooden shake roofing system

Need to reach over a sidewalk? The optional Rear Extension Kit allows you to reach even farther back and provides an extra layer of protection for the siding and windows you’re working around. 

3. Metal Roofing

The RB4000 can also be used to catch and haul metal roofing materials. Since these materials are so much lighter than standard roofing shingles, you’re likely to fill the Equipter with an entire load of metal roofing without breaking the self-propelled dump trailer’s GVWR of 4,000 lbs. 

The length of the dump container is just over 8.5 feet, just a bit shorter than the standard metal roofing sheet. But that doesn’t mean the Equipter can’t handle transporting that debris across the job site!

It still helps shave time and labor costs on virtually any job.

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