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Used Equipter RB4000 Buyer's Guide

Are you interested in a used Roofer’s Buggy? Finding a used Equipter RB4000 for sale isn't easy. 

The Equipter office fields lots of questions from roofers interested in buying used RB4000 roofing trailers. We primarily sell new units, so if you’re buying used, you’ll likely purchase from a third-party, like a private seller or auction.

This buying guide is for informational purposes only. It’s not intended as a substitute for your own judgment, and it’s not a substitute for a complete inspection by a qualified professional.

For full safety and operation guidelines, see the RB4000 Owners Manual. If the used unit doesn’t have one, call us at 717-768-0070.

What to Look for in a Used RB4000

We design and build Equipter products to have a long service life. Yet even well-maintained contracting equipment, no matter the type, will show signs of use over time. When you’re looking at a secondhand model, check out these areas where any wear-and-tear might show up: 


Dirty Fluid: In total, the RB4000 uses 13 hydraulic cylinders. Check that the hydraulic fluid is clean. Dirty fluid could suggest a problem, or it can be a red flag signaling the unit needs regular maintenance.

Damaged Hoses: Hydraulic systems operate under high pressure, and bursts can cause serious injury. Make sure the hoses are in good shape, and the rubber coating isn’t worn or showing signs of dry rot, exposing the wire beneath.

Axle Engagement System

This allows the RB4000 to transform from a towable trailer into a drivable dumpster. To check the system, start by making sure the unit is on level ground and engaging the parking brake. Then disengage the axle system to ensure the front wheels lift; check that the front wheel pin locks for towing, too. 

Then re-engage the axle system to lower the front wheels and ensure the back wheels engage with the hydraulic motor, allowing you to drive the unit on a job site.

Wiring & Brakes 

As with any trailer, check that the wiring is intact and functioning so signals and brakes work properly when towing. Look at the condition of the brakes, too, and make sure they're not worn down to the point where they wouldn't pass an official inspection.

Operator’s Controls 

Make sure all the controls of the used Equipter RB4000 work smoothly. Sticking controls, particularly the control level or front/reverse shifter, can be a safety hazard.


Check each outrigger to ensure you can properly level the RB4000, especially when raising, lowering, dumping, or rolling the container backward.


Bends or Twists: Thoroughly inspect the frame, looking for bends, twists, or damaged welds that suggest the equipment was in an accident. Damaged frames of a used Equipter can throw off the balance of its raised container, making it less efficient and creating a safety hazard.  

Rust: Our in-house service shop usually doesn’t see extensive rust problems, even on our oldest units, which have been in service for more than 15 years. However, you’ll still want to check for rust, particularly on the undercarriage where the rear axle connects with the chassis (at the leaf springs) and anywhere paint’s been chipped.  

General Tips for Buying Used Roofing Equipment

Check the title.

You don't want the hassle of buying a vehicle that's been stolen or has a lien against it. If you're buying from a used equipment company ask them for the info, as they've already likely done the research. But if you're buying from a private seller, you may have to do the research yourself.  

Create a paper trail.

Ask for a receipt or invoice that documents you as the buyer and how much you’ve paid. Avoid cash in favor of other payments, like a credit card or certified check, which provide additional purchase documentation.

Request additional photos or video for online purchases.

Private sellers and auctions often sell used contracting equipment as-is, so it’s essential to get as much info as possible before buying online. Don’t hesitate to ask for pictures of areas like the undercarriage not always seen in listings.

Request video of that used RB4000 for sale in action, too. The seller should be able to demonstrate all the roofing trailer’s features, including (but not limited to) lifting, dumping, and container rollback.

Having a hard time finding a used Equipter RB4000 for sale?

We’re not surprised. Roofers love their roofer's buggies and tend to hang onto them!

If buying used is right for your roofing business, check with us. Sometimes a customer trades in a used Equipter when they buy a new one. It doesn’t happen often, and when it does the used unit is often sold within hours. But if you’re interested in getting placed on our used wait list, let us know by calling 717-661-3591.

Rent an Equipter

Whether you have an upcoming job that would go much faster with an RB4000 or you want to try before you buy, renting is a smart way to see firsthand what this trailer will do for your productivity. 

Find A Rental

Buy a New Equipter

A new RB4000, which we sell direct from our Lancaster County, PA factory, is more affordable than you might think. With a down payment of $1,500, payments start around $650-$700 per month, subject to credit application submission and approval.

Build + Buy

This guide is for general informational purposes only. If you're unsure about the condition of a used unit or any of its components, ask your machine shop to look at it. For specific questions about RB4000 components, call Equipter's service team at 717-768-0070.