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How to Get More Roofing Jobs with Just One Question

DSC01071.jpgDid your roofing company get a few scathing reviews on Angie’s List? Or do you want to take your customer service to the next level to earn more referrals? No matter why you might be considering a customer service reboot, there’s one question you must ask before you create a strategy to get more roofing jobs.

What does your customer want?

As a roofing business owner or manager, it’s worth your time to find out the answer to this question. Why? You can spend lots of money on training, equipment, or other resources—but it will all be wasted if you direct that time and energy on a factor that doesn’t matter to the homeowners you serve.

Instead, invest your roofing company’s resources in the right places. That’s right: work smarter, not harder.

How to Discover What Homeowners Want from Your Roof Replacement Business


Conduct customer surveys.

Understanding what homeowners want is essential for business success. The simplest way to find out is to ask. You may already send and evaluate customer surveys to improve your roofing, siding, or gutter services. If that’s the case, use the information you’ve collected to build the foundation for an improved customer service effort.

However, if satisfaction surveys haven’t been part of your business, this is the perfect opportunity to put them to work for you. For details on how to get started, read Create Effective Roofing Customer Surveys: Do’s and Don’ts.

Use the findings to identify strengths and weaknesses. For example, if homeowners consistently complain about property damage, then that’s one area you should improve by implementing a debris management process and/or using an Equipter RB4000 to protect properties.

Evaluate online reviews.

You can’t address problems you don’t know about. Online reviews can be a goldmine of unbiased information about what your roofing company does well—and what needs improvement. Take a good look at reviews for your contracting business on sites like Angie’s List, Yelp, or Facebook, and consider those findings as you develop a new-and-improved customer service strategy that will get more roofing jobs for your company.

If you come across a minor, one-off problem in a homeowner’s review, it might not be an issue you need to address within a company-wide customer service policy. However, if the same issue occurs on two, three, or more occasions, it’s probably time to assess how you can prevent it from happening to future customers.

Talk with your team.

From roofing crews to sales staff to office help, anyone who comes in contact with your customers can provide insight into how to make the customer experience better. Ask questions about what kind of feedback or complaints employees hear and what ideas they might have for improving customer service for your roofing company. Collect their ideas in a way that makes sense to you, whether you host a morning donuts-and-coffee session or send out a brief employee survey.

Roofing replacement companies live on referrals. Discover what your customers want so you can build a fantastic experience that makes it easy for homeowners to recommend you to family, friends, and neighbors.

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