Revolutionizing The HVAC Industry With Our Mobile Cranes


In the HVAC industry, every job is unique. No matter who you are, you can’t get around the heavy lifting and maneuvering that the HVAC industry brings. That’s why we created two standard cranes, the CR8200, and the CR8400. And the option to customize our series of CR8000 cranes

In a recent interview with John Beckett, C.E.O. of Beckett Corporation and author of; Loving Monday: Succeeding in business without selling your soul, he said regarding the mobile crane series CR8000 at the recent AHR Expo. “As you think of using it in the HVAC industry it seems like there’s a terrific fit.”

It’s Self-Propelled:


Our cranes aren’t like other cranes that you have to pull and twist just right, they’re self propelled! Because our cranes are self- propelled, they allow you to get into those tight compact spaces, make precise movements, and drive it around the job site all day. Built to drive on lawns, you are able to maneuver around your customer’s lawn without damaging them.

It’s Tow-able:


With the CR8000 series and our revolutionizing engagement and disengagement axle system, you are able to hook up our CR8000 cranes and tow it right to the jobsite. Simply drive it to your truck, align the ball hitch, and lift the wheels with our innovative hydraulic wheel lift.

Minimize You Labor


With our CR8000 mobile cranes, you can save time, minimize manual labour, be at the top of your competition, and boost your overall sales. With the CR8000 you have the ability to lift and lower your HVAC units, and fit them in tight, compact spaces. Our CR8000 series of hydraulic cranes are your perfect fit. Not to big, not to small. Now you can tackle those jobs that require multiple employees all by yourself.  No more lifting heavy units. With our standard cranes you can now lift up to 4,500 lbs. and lift up to 23 ft.

With our CR8000 hydraulic cranes you can stand back and watch the work happen. You don’t have to work harder, you don’t have to worry about getting your HVAC unit in tight spaces, and setting them just so. We know that every job is unique and we’re here to meet your needs. If you need something different than what our standard CR8200 and CR8400 cranes have to offer, don’t worry. We’d gladly create a unique crane that meets your specific needs for your business.