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Clean Cut Roofing Owner, Sales Manager, & Production Manager Tell All

Reputation is everything for Clean Cut Roofing and Restoration, a GAF Master Elite Contractor based in White Oak, Texas.


So when owner Dos Rossouw first saw the Equipter RB4000 at the International Roofing Expo in 2013 he says he immediately recognized it would be an asset to the company and the reputation it worked so hard to build.


Learn what Dos and two of his team members say about how the innovative roofing trailer has changed the way they serve their crews and customers.




Dos Rossouw, Clean Cut Roofing Owner

After purchasing the self-propelled RB4000, Dos realized its biggest impact was on roofer morale. He says:


“There's parts of roofing that's not that attractive and that can get a man down. When you're just tearing off the old and you're picking it up, it brings you down.


"When you have a piece of equipment that helps you with the part that's not as attractive, that picks you back up. I know the RB4000 has done that for my men.


"Picking up the debris is a little easier now and lifting up the material is a little easier now. So they can focus on what they're good at and what they love to see when they're done.”


Dos adds, “Owning the RB4000 helps me show my employees that I care about their day and I think that's good for our company. I know that it is.”




Philip Jordan, Clean Cut Roofing Sales Manager

“With our name being Clean Cut, it is huge for us to leave the job site immaculate...In fact, our goal is to keep it cleaner than it was when we arrived,” Philip says.


Before the company bought the RB4000, its crews spent hours on the ground every day cleaning up to make sure they lived up to their name.


Now, Philip says they put all of the debris, including most of the nails, into the Equipter roofing trailer, which lifts up to 12 feet high. Then a crew member simply empties the container directly into an onsite dumpster.


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It helps “eliminate the risk of debris falling behind the bushes and on sidewalks for our customers to keep them safe and to keep their landscaping in great order.”


The sales manager recently had his own roof replaced by crews using the RB4000. “I knew there wasn't going to be a lot of debris around my yard and that my kids, when they ran around the yard, weren't going to step on nails.”

He says, “So when I hear customer feedback—really complimenting the guys, our crews, we did a great job cleaning up—I can attribute that to the RB4000 doing its job and keeping their property clean as promised.” 




Yauli Sosa, Clean Cut Roofing Production Manager

Yauli, who oversees Clean Cut’s crews, says it didn’t take long for their roofers to get enthusiastic about using the RB4000. “We used it on that first job. Then by the second job everybody [on the crews] wanted to use it,” he says.


In addition to saving significant time on cleanup, he notes the crews use the RB4000 to set up jobs faster. “We load the shingles on the Equipter and we bring it up to the lower part of the roof. We can pick it up from the Equipter and start working from there.”


The impact has been so significant that the company has since purchased a second RB4000 and is now considering a third.


Yauli says, “We can see a big difference in our people now. They get more energy to work and it also saves their backs.”



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