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A Hesitant Homeowner Experiences the Power of the RB4000

Every homeowner takes a huge risk by hiring a roofing company. Their property is one of their most valuable assets, so they want professionals who will treat their homes with respect.


Gardener and retired realtor Paula Johns spends over six hours a day tending to her many flowerbeds to keep them in pristine condition. As one of the homes featured in the Munster Garden Walk of 2018, she knew she couldn’t rely on just any roofing contractor in Indiana. 


It was time to take the homeowner’s risk and hire a professional roofing company.


A Homeowner’s Search for the Right Roofer

“We had 20-year-old cedar shake roofing and it was starting to blow off in pieces, so I knew the time was soon to get a new roof.”


Like most homeowners, Paula wasn’t looking for the cheapest roofing company. She was looking for the most qualified roofers that would treat her prized flowerbeds with respect while getting the job done right. She interviewed four roofers.


With competitive prices, excellent references, and the right equipment, Rogers Roofing came out on top. 


Successful Roofing Marketing for Rogers Roofing

During the interview with Rogers Roofing, John Rogers explained their process to Paula, adding that they had new equipment. 




Paula said, “[Rogers Roofing] had the Equipter, and I was really thrilled to hear they had...a mini dumpster that would go up high and keep [the debris] from going into my flowerbeds. So that was the clinching factor, right there.


Quality Customer Service Leads to a Satisfied Homeowner

From the reroofing process to the company’s reputable service, Rogers Roofing left a lasting impact on Paula.


Cleanliness is important to Paula, a trait that the team at Rogers Roofing also respects. “They’ve cleaned up the nails, they’ve cleaned up the debris. They’ve used the blowers every day to make sure there’s not even a spec of debris left.”


Rogers Roofing also values quality customer service, emulated by the team’s dedication to the entire process. According to Paula, “[John has] proven to be not only trustworthy, but he’s friendly, he’s punctual on everything. He considers my needs as much as what his needs are.”


All of this paired with the power of the RB4000 allowed Rogers Roofing to provide the ultimate customer experience for Paula Johns.


“My flowerbeds look the same as they did before he started...I am especially happy about that above the cost, above everything else that I’ve experienced.”

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