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Lynchburg Roofing Grows into a Successful Corporation in Just 5 Years

What began as a way for Chris Good to wait out a declining housing market has since grown into a successful roofing company with 75 employees and about $10 million in sales.

“When I look back at how this happened, it's been kind of crazy,” says Chris, owner of VA-based Lynchburg Roofing. He believes that if someone had predicted achieving that level of success in only five and a half years, Chris would have replied, “Can’t be done.”

The company has earned its reputation by focusing on delivering professionalism, dependability, and trustworthiness for the homeowners they serve. So when he saw the raisable, self-propelled Equipter RB4000 trailer, Chris says it was a natural fit with Lynchburg Roofing’s image and values.

Chris researched the RB4000 extensively before investing in one. “I tried to find one bad review online. I spent a lot of time online just looking for bad reviews. And the only negative information I could find is people that didn't have one.”

“I would do it again because it just fits right in with what we do. It does improve our efficiency numbers. It improves our crew morale. And I think it's a good investment.”


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