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Divine Roofing Handles Hail Damage with the RB4000

Colorado’s hail damage is no setback for Divine Roofing. Based in Colorado Springs, Divine Roofing, Inc. started streamlining its entire workflow with the RB4000.


Divine Roofing

Divine Roofing has been serving the Colorado Springs area for over 30 years, with about 80 percent of its business directly related to hail damage. Owner Mike Moore finally purchased the company’s first Equipter RB4000 in 2016, and it’s been working hard with his crew ever since. 


Supply Transportation

With the reputation Colorado Springs has for hailstorms, many supply companies often find it tough to stay on track with deliveries. In the roofing business, delayed delivery creates a snowball effect--pushed off production leads to frustrated customers, which snowballs into a poor business reputation, decreasing the company’s referral rates, when one simple act is out of the contractor’s control. 


Since investing in the RB4000, Divine Roofing no longer stresses over these delays. 


Mike explains, “The RB4000 plays a huge part for us because it allows us to go to the supply house, load the materials directly into the RB4000, [and] we transport that out to the job sites. Then we’re able to elevate it up to the roofline when the roofing crew can easily unload those materials.”


Eliminating material delivery and better managing materials, Divine Roofing gained more control over completing each job within its projected timeline.


Project Planning Made Easy

The RB4000 also gives Mike’s team a sharper competitive edge when planning roofing projects. With its many uses, the RB4000 streamlines the entire roof-repairing process. This lets the team at Divine Roofing provide their customers with more precise project completion dates, which is one of the biggest homeowner concerns when hail damage hits.


“Homeowners are very anxious in that point and time to get their roof repaired and they’re looking for a specific date when that’s going to happen. The RB4000 allows us to pick up our supplies, plan a project, give the homeowner an exact date we’re going to be there, and then stick to that date.”


Customer Satisfaction

With how seamlessly the RB4000 streamlines every roof repair job, Divine Roofing has had great success in building an honorable reputation with homeowners.


“...One of the greatest satisfactions we get is knowing that homeowners trusted us. We explain to them how the project’s going to go, and at the end of the job when it went exactly how we explained and they’re happy with the job, that’s the greatest satisfaction we can get.”


Mike is looking forward to even greater long-term success with the RB4000.


“When I look back at the increased productivity that we’ve had since the purchase of that unit, I wish I’d have made the decision a long time ago.” 

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