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David Hernadez Shares What the Equipter RB4000 Means to Him on the Job

David Hernandez has understood the physical toll of roof replacement cleanup ever since his dad started taking him on jobs during summers.

Now, as a roofer with Watkins Construction, he uses the Equipter RB4000 self-propelled trailer to eliminate some of the heavy physical strain that wears roofers down and lowers their productivity.


Faster Cleanup, Faster Setup

David says with the RB4000 “you could definitely tear off more than you could have, in a faster time.”

While David says the trailer’s primary benefit is much faster cleanup, it also lightens the load on other labor-intensive tasks. “We put all of our felt in there and everything, and then we lift it up to the roof.” He notes crews also raise heavy items to the roof, like cap and base.

The trailer has made a huge impact on David’s day. “I used to be on the ground all the time, cleaning up until the end of the job. Now...I get done, like around 11 a.m., and after that I just help out on the roof.”

Reliable Roofing Tool

The RB4000 has also become a dependable part of the Watkins crew. David says, “It's definitely been a really good piece of equipment. It hasn't broken down on us. Even with nails, the tires haven’t gone flat...all around it's a really good machine.”