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Construction Company Rents RB4000 to Ease Retirement Community Concern

Yoder Boyz Inc., a family-run construction company in Sarasota, FL, does a lot of remodeling for a local retirement community. 


Many of the company’s projects involve gutting second- and third-floor apartments, a time-consuming process that leads to a messy environment for community residents.


Yoder Boyz recently rented the self-propelled Equipter RB4000 lift from a nearby Equipter rental company. Here’s their story.


Elevated Efficiency

“We used to take all the debris in bins and trash cans and in a cart and take it down the elevator,” J.R. Yoder explains. “The challenge of it was the time and the dirt and it was just so inefficient.”


Especially in today’s world, innovation outranks tradition. Yoder Boyz experienced that with the Equipter RB4000, the ultimate multipurpose machine, capable of holding and navigating up to 4,000 lbs around tight spaces. 


With the RB4000’s 12-ft lift, the crew was able to reach the lanai of the apartment they were gutting and load all the trash into the 4.1 cu-ft container. This helped them eliminate the countless wheelbarrow and bin trips to their on-site dumpster, conserving the crew’s energy while speeding up cleanup. 


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“A job that used to take us a week to 10 days to take out and put in trash bins now takes us two days to do the tear-out and usually about five hours to haul the debris away.”


Community-Wide Peace of Mind

With the ability to dump debris right outside into the RB4000 lift, the Yoder Boyz crews have also eliminated creating noisy and cluttered halls that had once disturbed neighbors throughout the day.


J.R. shares, “We don’t hear any complaints from the residents that are living in the building because of the noise going up and down the hallways, because of the dirt going up and down the hallways.”


Shifting the way the crews dispose of debris, Yoder Boyz also no longer has to worry about the risk of lawsuits over tripping hazards or health issues. 


And best of all, J.R. says, “The CEO of this place is so extremely happy with the option that we had in order to do this.”

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