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Marketing a roofing company isn’t as simple as putting an ad in the Yellow Pages anymore. Uncover the secrets to getting your roofing company noticed.

Roofer Marketing Tips: The Essential Five-Minute Marketing Checklist

No matter how busy it gets during peak roofing season, it’s still essential to make sure your contracting company creates a positive impression through electronic and online channels. Take advantage of this quick five-step marketing checklist for roofers designed to keep your business clean online all year long.

to do list for roofing marketing

1. Customize or refresh your email signature.

There's a reason this tip should be at the top of your roofing company's five-minute marketing checklist. Tweaking your email signature is a simple way to ensure prospects, clients, employees, and colleagues can interact with you and your roofing company. Review your email signature and, if needed, change it to include:

  • Your first and last name and job title
  • Your phone number
  • Links to your LinkedIn profile and Facebook Business Page
  • Link to your company website
  • Links to your company’s profiles on review websites (Angie’s List, etc.)

Note: You don’t need to include your email address in your signature—the receiver will already have the email address in the message header.

2. Google your roofing company.

search google for roofing company

Find out what prospects, customers, and business partners see when they search for your roofing business. When you Google your roofing company, first page results should include:

If one of these elements is missing from the first page, plan to start an online audit as soon as peak roofing season starts to decline. In addition, if you discover negative online reviews on the first search page (ouch!), check out these tips for responding to bad online reviews.

3. Ensure your online business profiles are accurate.

Your roofing company likely has a number of online profiles, such as Google Maps, Facebook, and Angie’s List. Review at least one of those profiles right now to check that the listing includes accurate information, including address, phone number, email address, and office hours. Make any necessary corrections as soon as possible so it's easy for potential customers searching for your company to contact you.

4. Read one roofing/construction industry article.

Stay fresh on what’s going on in the industry by reading at least one blog or online article. Need a recommendation? Check out GAF ProBlog’s How to Ask for Raving Reviews for Your Roofing Business, written by former Equipter Marketing Director Sam Beiler. Stay tuned in to this blog too—we often share our team’s new and go-to roofing and construction industry sites, blogs, and magazines.

5. If you read an informative article, share it on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn can be a valuable source for connecting with others in the roofing industry. If you learned something from that article you just read, it’s likely your roofing colleagues will benefit from it too. Share the relevant piece (and any you read in the future) on LinkedIn and even your other social media accounts. As you continue to share informative articles, it conveys to colleagues and potential partners that you’re more than a roofer—you’re an engaged business professional.

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