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Marketing a roofing company isn’t as simple as putting an ad in the Yellow Pages anymore. Uncover the secrets to getting your roofing company noticed.

5 Marketing Mistakes Roofers Should Avoid

Installing a quality roof is only one component of building a profitable roofing business. You also need to have your roofing company's marketing strategy in order. Avoid these marketing mistakes so you can build better profit potential.

1. You race to the bottom of the bidding war.

Pricing is a critical part of marketing a profitable roofing business. And it can be easy to deliberately—or not so deliberately—adopt a strategy that tries to attract customers by low-balling bids. In reality, low bids devalue your business.

emphasize value of roof replacement

Instead, market your quality roof replacements at a price that emphasizes value. Explain that you may not have the lowest price, but you do offer, for example, an Equipter RB4000-assisted process that minimizes property damage, keeps the job site much cleaner, and gets the job done faster—all factors that make homeowners happy. 

2. You don’t have a marketing plan.

Ignoring the need for a marketing strategy is one of the biggest roofing marketing mistakes. Creating a marketing plan can seem like busywork, but in reality, it is a roadmap that takes your business where you want it to go. For example, one study of businesses found that those with a written content marketing strategy were twice as likely to say their marketing was effective as those with no written strategy.

Invest the time to write a marketing strategy that addresses all the components relevant to your business, such as content marketing (like blogs), social media, and pricing. Search online for free marketing plan templates to jumpstart the process, and check out our list of resources for marketing your roofing business.

3. You neglect to market what makes you better than competitors.

When you have tons of local roofing competition, the key to success is differentiating yourself from the other contractors. For instance, perhaps you specialize in fixing and replacing storm-damaged roofs. Or maybe you’re an expert in green building methods. Identify your differentiator and then market that to prospects.

4. You underestimate the value of word of mouth.

get online reviews for your roofing company

These days, word-of-mouth extends to online reviews and ratings. Consumers increasingly rely on reviews left on sites like Facebook, Houzz, and Angie’s List to hire roofing contractors. Ask customers to complete unbiased online reviews as soon as the project is finished. As you or your sales team speak to prospects, point them toward the reviews as evidence of your quality workmanship and good business practices. (However, be sure to follow up with customers who leave a review that expresses a complaint or dissatisfaction, too!)

5. You don't keep up with the latest marketing trends.

The digital nature of the consumer’s world moves quicker than you can swipe your thumb on a smartphone. It's not necessary to jump on every marketing trend out there, but if you stay informed you won’t be forced to play catch-up when your roofing competitor takes advantage of the right trend. Take time to get ahead by adding marketing content to your to-read list—and read it! The HubSpot Marketing Blog and Duct Tape Marketing Blog are excellent general resources, plus we share tons of marketing advice specifically for roofers here on our Equipter blog.

These marketing mistakes could be the downfall of your roofing company if not addressed and fixed in a timely manner. Build a more profitable business by avoiding common marketing mistakes in roofing and developing a solid marketing strategy for your roofing company.