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Roofing Job Site Safety Benefits of the Equipter RB4000

Roofing isn’t the easiest occupation in the world. Any roofer can attest to that. One of the reasons it can be a tough job is because of the near-constant safety concerns. Learn how the Equipter RB4000 will help your roofing replacement company work smarter—and safer.

roofing safety equipment

Roofers experience higher injury rates than the national average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. OSHA states that its number one frequently cited safety violation of the 2020 fiscal year was fall protection in the construction industry, with numbers four and five being scaffolding and ladders in the construction industry, respectively.

The numbers are sobering. No roofing business owner ever wants to make a phone call to inform a worker’s family member about a serious onsite accident. The safety stakes can feel that much higher if you manage your family’s roofing company and you know that the people on the roof are people you love.

However, you can make decisions that help increase your crew's roofing safety. The Equipter RB4000, a self-propelled, hydraulic dump trailer and material lift, is an equipment investment that will help you boost roofing job site safety. While no single piece of equipment can guarantee that accidents won't ever happen on the job, the RB4000 eliminates some of the factors that contribute to roofing injuries and maximize roofing safety. Here are a few ways the RB4000 boosts your roofing crew's safety:

Lowers the risk of falling debris

prevent roofing safety problemsFor roofers using conventional equipment, falling debris is a near-constant hazard. The Roofer’s Buggy, designed specifically for the roofing industry, can be raised up to 12’ high, so roofing crews can simply dump materials into the raised trailer instead of dropping them to the ground and creating an injury risk.

Eliminates hauling-related risks

Another risk to roofing job site safety is the carrying, hefting, and hauling of roofing shingles that happens during tear-off. This can create a falling risk, and, if the roofers are tied off, it creates the potential for tangled safety lines. The Equipter RB4000 roofing equipment is compact and self-propelled, easy to position and raise virtually anywhere on a job site so employees don’t need to walk across a roof to dump shingles and other debris. 

Reduces hands-on material handling

reduces material handling with the RB4000Manhandling materials over bushes, HVAC units, and other property features can increase the risk of injuries on the job like strained muscles, pulled backs, and even injured feet. The RB4000 offers lightweight construction and wide tires, allowing a single crew member to drive materials in the container exactly where they need to be without damaging a homeowner's lawn or landscaping. It also includes a roll-back extension feature, which enables the crew to back the loaded container over property features so roofers don't need to maneuver materials manually.

Roofing job site safety is a must when you’re working hard to build a successful roofing business. By incorporating the right safety protocols and considering new equipment for roofing safety, you can create job sites that are safer and reduce your liability as an employer.

Contact us today to find out for yourself how the Equipter RB4000 will help your roofing team work smarter and safer, and keep an eye on our blog for more ways to keep your crews safe and streamline your roofing jobs.


Original article published April 26, 2016. Updated August 25, 2021.