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Buy or Rent an Equipter 4000: What's Right for Your Roofing Business?

How will the Equipter 4000 help you grow your business? Maybe you've already consulted our Buyer’s Guide, but you're still not sure whether you should rent or buy the Equipter.

Download our quick reference infographic or read on to learn a few key factors to consider.

Quick Reference Guide

Buy an Equipter 4000: Key Considerations

You want to lower tax liability.

The Section 179 Tax Break allows small business owners to deduct the full purchase price, up to $1,00,080, on qualifying equipment purchased in 2022. Talk with your accountant for details about how this could lower liability on your 2022 return.

Note: Section 179 timeframes and limits can vary from year to year. This info covers the 2022 tax year only. Always verify current Section 179 guidelines before making and claiming a purchase.

You plan to use the Equipter 4000 on most or all jobs.

Equipter 4000 rental availability can be tricky, especially in areas with few rental companies. Owning an Equipter 4000 gives you complete access to use it when and where you need it. And, because these roofing trailers are built to the highest quality standards, you can count on minimum downtime with your drivable, liftable dumpster. 

You will use the Equipter 4000 to raise your marketing game.

The self-propelled roofing trailer works as a powerful marketing tool, because it positions you as a contractor with the tools and processes to install a new roof with no mess. As an Equipter owner, you'll have access to ready-to-go marketing materials, like videos and flyers, that show homeowners why you're the best value for their money.


Build + Buy


Rent an Equipter 4000: Key Considerations

You want to try before you buy.

If you haven’t used an Equipter 4000, a rental is a smart way to try it before making a big investment. Renting it for a few weeks will give you and your crew a solid handle on using this specialized trailer and seeing how it will boost productivity, cut cleanup time, and help grow your bottom line.

You will only use the Equipter 4000 on specific projects.

Whether roof replacement isn’t your bread and butter or you only plan to use the trailer on certain projects, like commercial tear-offs, renting is a cost-effective way to access this productivity-boosting equipment without the cost of ownership.

You understand the costs of long-term rental vs. purchase.

Renting can be cost-effective if you’re only using the Equipter 4000 occasionally, especially when you consider it saves labor costs and drastically reduces cleanup time. But renting for long periods costs considerably more than a purchase, with weekly rental rates running $600-800 per week.*

In contrast, with financing, good credit, and just a $1,500 downpayment, Equipter 4000 purchase payments come in around $650-$700 per month.**

You can also use our rental locator tool to find an Equipter 4000 rental near you. If you can’t find a unit nearby, call us at 717-661-3591. We maintain good relationships with our rental partners, so sometimes we can connect you with an opportunity not apparent through our rental database.

Still not sure if renting or buying is best for your business? Give us a call at 717-661-3591 today to learn more about buying vs. renting the Equipter 4000.


*Estimated costs, January 2022.
**Based on financing options available. Call for current rates. Your payment may differ based on several factors, including credit score. Financing is subject to credit approval.