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Conquer Steep Slope Roofing Jobs with the Equipter RB4000

Steep slope roofing jobs come with a whole set of challenges, from a higher risk of injury to production setbacks to tiring end-of-day cleanup. And if you're working with a small roofing crew, steep slope jobs can be even more complicated.


Replacing steep roofs requires unique equipment. That's where the Equipter RB4000 drivable dumpster comes into play. This roofing trailer contributes to virtually every part of the roofing process, enhancing efficiency for small and large roofing crews alike. 

How does the Equipter RB4000 help make steep slope roofing jobs easier?

Here are three ways rolling the RB4000 onto a job can help make steep roof replacement easier.

1. Gain more control of tear-off debris.

The steeper the slope, the harder it can be to control debris when tearing off an old roof, especially if you're dealing with slate, clay tile, or another heavier type of shingle. Tear-off trash from particularly steep roofs can be a chore to control. As shovels rip and tear at the old roof, chunks of shingles and aged nails slide down the slope into gutters and all over the customer's lawn. Of course, you could use those classic blue tarps to protect their landscape, but tarps can fall out of place. They also don't prevent debris from blowing into the grass and other uncovered areas when a breeze blows by. 

Storm Guard Roofing EquipterPictured: Storm Guard Roofing, NC

The Equipter RB4000 sits right at the roofline, waiting to catch whatever's headed for the ground so it doesn't go speeding down and crush delicate landscaping. With the slightly angled lids open, the dumpster features a 10.5-foot catch span for tear-off debris to funnel right into the 4.1-cubic-yard aluminum container. Equipter also offers the Rear Extension Kit, an accessory that helps protect the exterior of the home or other building from damage caused by falling debris. 

Once the liftable dumpster is full, all it takes is one person to drive it to an on-site roll-off dumpster, lift it, and lower the hydraulic tailgate to empty the container. No heaving around overloaded tarps and littering the lawn with stray strips of underlayment materials.

2. Lift materials and tools to the roof without a ladder.

Forget hauling heavy roofing materials up a ladder. The self-propelled dumpster also doubles as a material lift, allowing your roofing crew to exert less energy on preparation and more energy on production. With more energy, the crew is able to better consciously follow safety protocols while more efficiently installing your customer's new roof. 


Take a look at just a few things you can lift with the Equipter RB4000:

  • Tear-off shovels
  • Plywood
  • Ice and water shield
  • Roof felt
  • Roofing nails
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Solar shingles

Not only does that save stress on your roofers' backs, it shaves time off of the job's projected timeline, allowing you to complete the steep roof installation sooner.

3. Increase customer satisfaction and reduce callbacks.

Property damage and stray debris are two of the most common reasons for callbacks. Heavy roll-off dumpsters often leave ruts in lawns, and stray nails and debris are not only eyesores but dangers to children, pets, and tires. 

The Equipter RB4000 helps eliminate these stressors, providing your customers with peace of mind throughout the whole steep roof replacement process. Its four independently operated outriggers and wide back tires allow for even weight distribution during tear-off and while driving the debris across the job site to the curbside dumpster, so the equipment leaves minimal impact on lawns.

Cody Dykes, Co-Owner of Superior Roofing that serves locations in Alabama and Georgia, states, "The Equipter really sells to the homeowner that is worried about their yard. The homeowner that spends a lot of time around their house loves the idea of trash not hitting the ground, flowerbeds, or bushes." 

This is the self-propelled dump trailer that works for you.

The Equipter RB4000 works all day every day on a variety of jobs, from flat roofs to low slopes to steep slope roof replacement. This piece of low-maintenance roofing equipment helps serious contractors stay safe and manage tear-off debris in tight spots on virtually any property. Click below to get the specs or give us a call at 717-661-3591 to connect with one of our experienced representatives and learn more today.


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