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4 Can’t-Miss Ways to Create Happy Clients in Roofing

When you install a product with a lifespan of fifteen years or more, does roofing customer satisfaction really matter? You bet! A successful roofing business is built on referrals—recommendations you can nurture by providing a stellar experience that puts homeowners’ needs first.

Here’s how to create that outstanding roofing customer satisfaction that generates referrals to help raise your profit potential.

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1. Make property damage reduction a priority.

Even seasoned roofers accidentally damage property from time to time: smashed flower beds, dinged A/C units, scuffed siding. Not only do those mishaps subtract from your bottom line—damage makes homeowners unhappy too.

Professional-level roofing equipment, like the self-propelled Equipter RB4000 specialized dump container, helps lower damage risk. The raisable container extends backwards up to 4 feet past the chassis, allowing your roofers to position it over flower beds, shrubs, and other landscape features so they’re less likely to take a hit from falling shingles.

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The Equipter’s roomy container, which holds nearly 4 cubic yards of debris, offers a tough but lightweight aluminum bed on wide tires. That means you can position the large debris container next to the home without the inconvenience or mess of gouging trenches into a customer’s lawn.

AdobeStock_84879514.jpeg.jpg2. Say thank you.

Sending a post-project thank-you note or gift to homeowners is a little gesture with a big impact. It conveys your appreciation for their business and helps you stay top of mind so the roofing client is more likely to recommend you to a family, friend, or neighbor.

Thank-yous don’t need to be complicated or pricey. Here are a few customer appreciation ideas:

  • Handwritten thank you notes
  • Gift cards to local businesses, like an ice cream or coffee shop
  • Branded promotional items, like tape measures, yardsticks, travel mugs, or reusable water bottles

AdobeStock_74966383.jpeg.jpg3. Empower your team to handle issues on site.

No matter how organized you are or how professional your crew is, there’s always the potential for onsite problems. And those problems can become big-time headaches if the customer hears one of your team members say, That’s not my department, or worse, That’s not my problem

Give at least one onsite crew member the power to quickly solve minor issues. Also set up a process to handle any larger issues with as little hassle—and as few phone calls—as possible.

The more quickly your roofing team can solve problems during a job, the more satisfied those clients will be.

DSC_0652.jpg4. Commit to maintaining a professional image.

Roofing is a dirty job, but it’s one you take pride in. Let that pride show—and make homeowners happy—by purposefully creating a clean professional image that helps build roofing customer satisfaction. Here are just a few tips:

  • Give crew members work shirts and/or sweatshirts with the company logo—and regularly re-supply them as they become worn.
  • Maintain a clean job site by containing debris in equipment like the Equipter RB4000.
  • Ensure roofers are using appropriate language while on the job site.
  • Keep roofing vans, trucks, trailers, and other vehicles clean and well-maintained.

Ensuring customer satisfaction is essential when running a roofing business. Equipter offers advice on building trust with potential customers and more. Just follow us on Facebook and check our blog weekly for tips and tricks on how to improve customer satisfaction, job site efficiency, and roofing business advice.