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How to Use the Equipter RB3000 Cemetery Dump Trailer

The RB4000 isn't Equipter's only drivable dump trailer. We also offer the Equipter RB3000, a dump trailer most utilized in the graveyard management industry. This cemetery dump trailer is easy to use and comes in handy in the gravedigging process.

What makes the Equipter RB3000 so easy to use and ideal for the graveyard industry? 

RB3000 between headstones

Drive the Equipter RB3000 to where you need it.

Just like the RB4000, the Equipter RB3000 is self-propelled with two small front tires that attribute to the cemetery dump trailer's tight turning radius. At six feet wide, the aluminum dump container easily fits down narrow aisles of graves, so you can get it exactly where you need it without damaging surrounding gravemarkers. 

Watch the Indiana Veterans Cemetery use the Equipter 3300 in their grave  digging process.

rb3000 grave digging

Load this cemetery dump trailer with soil.

Whether you dig graves by hand, with a backhoe, or with other graveyard equipment, the Equipter RB3000 helps you better manage control over displaced dirt. The rust-resistant aluminum dump box is 3.8 cubic yards (102.6 cubic feet), so it's ideal for holding one grave's worth of dirt. 

This cemetery dump trailer is also often used to transport foundational materials like sand, gravel, and stone. So, no matter the soil type in your graveyard, the RB3000 has it handled.

Drive it out of sight before the burial.

With a GVWR of 7,500 lbs, Equipter's cemetery dump trailer is lighter than your average dump truck (26,193 pounds empty), making it much safer to drive on naturally soft ground.

Families are already grieving, heartbroken over the loss of a loved one. The last thing they need is to be traipsing around what looks like a dirty job site. And, if it rains, navigating mud puddles in nice dress shoes is far from pleasant.

Unlike other cemetery dump carts, the self-propelled Equipter RB3000 is easily concealable behind an on-site utility building. Easily transport all that dirt from the grave you just dug to an out-of-sight location to maintain a cleaner, more respectable environment for the burial ceremony. 


Dump the dirt back into the grave with ease.

Once those in mourning have left the graveyard and the casket has been lowered, it's time to replace the dirt. With just one trip to the open grave and the push of a lever or two, you can angle the RB3000 trailer next to the grave, lower the outriggers and hydraulic tailgate, and pour the dirt back into place. 

Of course, you'll have leftover dirt (dirt that won't fit because of the addition of the grave liner). Now, you can make the Equipter RB3000 part of your cleanup process by driving the leftover dirt to the designated location and then store the compact cemetery trailer in the utility shed once the whole process is complete. 

Watch The 3300 In Action

The Equipter RB3000 cemetery trailer is also utilized in the landscaping industry for transporting trees, boulders, mulch, and more across properties. Connect with us today at 717-661-3591 to determine whether the Equipter RB3000 is the right cemetery dump trailer for you. Or check out Equipter's full line of graveyard equipment here.