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How the Equipter RB4000 Helps You Retain the Best Roofing Employees

Finding good help in the roofing industry is tough. Keeping good roofing employees can be even more challenging. Not only do you have to maintain a positive culture, but as a roofing business owner, you need to make sure your crew is equipped with the right tools to get the job done in a timely fashion.


The Equipter RB4000
is an essential piece of roofing equipment for attracting and retaining quality employees in the residential roofing industry.

Below are just four of the many benefits the RB4000 can bestow upon your business to help you find the right employees. Be sure to tie these benefits into your job posting.

More Reputable Roofing Company

Using the Equipter RB4000 helps polish the reputation of your roofing business, making it a more desirable company to work for. Homeowners love the Equipter RB4000, because it shows that your company values job site safety and cleanliness.

Homeowners impressed by the quality and performance of a roofing crew are more likely to recommend that company to their friends and family members, leading to a positive reputation and increased business.

Better Pay

An increase in referrals leads to more business, which means a bigger bottom line. What does that have to do with hiring? Not only can you invest more in proper advertising to target more qualified roofers, but you’re able to offer more competitive starting rates.

The increase in income also lets you offer bonuses, pay raises, and other incentives to future and current roofing employees.

More Time on the Roof...and Less Time Cleaning Up


With the Equipter RB4000, cleanup becomes a one-man job. People looking for roofing jobs are looking to do just that⁠—replace roofs. They’re not looking to spend at least an hour on cleanup with coworkers at the end of each day.

The RB4000 is a self-propelled roofing trailer that is simple to operate and travels at average walking speed, so a single employee can take a quick break from the intense roof work while still being productive throughout the day. After releasing the tailgate of the portable trailer and dumping the debris in an on-site dumpster or dump truck, the worker can easily reload the 4,000-lb capacity trailer with more materials and navigate it back to the house for him and his crew to quickly unload and get back to work.

A professional roofer wants to feel a sense of pride in his work. With significantly less downtime, the RB4000 provides a 25% increase in production, helping your guys work together to get even more done in a single day.

The RB4000 assures potential applicants that they’ll get to do more of what they love and less of what wears them down.

Increased Safety on the Job

Making multiple trips to haul heavy bundles of shingles, rolls of tar paper, boxes of roofing nails, and other supplies up a ladder can be hard on the body, leaving workers less energized to tackle the actual job. The Equipter RB4000 makes it easy to transport materials and tools from the shop to the site and straight up to the roof, saving employees energy they can then use to get the job done right and on time.

When someone looking for employment in the roofing industry learns that he won’t have to fully exert himself during job site prep and cleanup every day, he’s more likely to apply for a position with your company.

Not only do potential employees care about their own well-being, reliable and trustworthy residential roofers care about homeowners, too. When your guys don’t have to drag tarps loaded with old roofing materials to the on-site dumpster, there’s no longer the risk of losing stray nails or other debris potentially harmful to the homeowner’s family, vehicles, and even pets. The lightweight trailer with wide tires is also designed to keep homeowners’ lawns intact, so operators won’t leave ruts in the ground.

Build a Better Crew with the Equipter RB4000

When potential applicants learn that you’ve bought or are renting the Equipter RB4000, they see that you value your crew and customers. The RB4000 leads to an all-around more positive crew of reliable workers who get to do what they love without dealing with the day-to-day cleanup frustrations. With less stress and a greater sense of accomplishment at the end of every day (not to mention the competitive pay), your new hires and other employees are more likely to stick around.

For more information on retaining quality roofing employees, check out the do’s and don’ts of roofing employee retention.

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