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Roofing Employee Retention: Do’s and Don’ts

Having trouble finding dependable roofers? You’re not alone. The roofing industry is in the midst of a labor shortage that can impact your bottom line. One strategy to help protect your business is to retain employees currently on staff. Here are the do’s and dont's of employee retention in the roofing business.  

roofing employee on the roof

Do invest in roofing equipment that saves wear and tear on the body.

Roofing is an intense job, often marked by day-to-day wear that takes its toll on the back, muscles, and joints. It’s also a high-injury/fatality occupation, with falls as a leading cause of workplace death.

roofing employee on the rb4000

One way to help safeguard your workers’ physical well-being and improve roofing employee retention is to invest in equipment like the Equipter RB4000. It features a dump-able container that can be raised to roof level, where crew members can safely place shingles and other debris. This reduces double- and triple-material handling as well as the risk of injuries from falling material. Roofer Dan Williams said after working with the Equipter:

“This is a major lifesaver. This will probably encourage me to work at least another 2-3 years.”

Do create a positive company environment.

positive roofing environment
Roofers work hard, and an all-work, all-the-time atmosphere can wear down even the most dedicated employee. Create a positive, team-centered environment by hosting regular employee events, such as summer picnics or holiday parties. Another positive team-building strategy is to work on a project that gives back to the community, whether it’s a materials donation to a new house for someone in need or partnering with a program like No Roof Left Behind, which replaces roofs for deserving homeowners.

Don’t hire for physical skill alone.

Roofing employee retention also includes the implementation of smart hiring practices. Soft skills, like collaboration, communication, and adaptability, are more important than skill with a nail gun. A roofer with a negative attitude and poor people skills will chip away at the entire company’s morale. Learn more in Hiring a Roofing Employee? 4 Non-Manual Labor Skills to Look For.

Don’t use an inconsistent hiring process.

Create a consistent interview process to identify the best candidates for a cohesive team. For example, ask the same basic questions to each potential roofing hire; this provides a baseline for making an informed decision. As a roofing employer, you also have plenty of other options for building a solid interview process, including the use of a simple rating system for candidates and interviewing candidates via an internal panel.

Do offer continuing training.

roofing training for roofers
Regular, relevant training sessions ensure new and established roofers understand the job and its expectations. Use roofing education to review and update processes as well as introduce new materials or roofing equipment, like the CR8000 Self-Propelled Crane. Targeted training empowers crew members to do their tasks with confidence—and that makes them more likely to stay on your team.

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