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Selling your roofing services to a potential customer is tough. Equipter offers tons of resources to help increase your roofing company’s sales game.

How to Not Fail in Roofing Sales: Tips for New Salespeople

Your business cards may be fresh from the box, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start strong in a roof replacement sales career. Take control and position yourself for success with these roofing sales tips for folks new to the beat.


1. Learn so you can educate the customer.

The most successful sales pros are the ones able to teach the customer about products and processes. This is really important in roofing because the typical homeowner may only buy a new roof 2 or 3 times in their lifetime.

The better you can clearly explain anything from the difference in shingles’ impact resistance to the value of attic ventilation, the more confident they’ll feel about signing the dotted line.

2. Get familiar with insurance procedures.

Other than paying the bills, most folks don't deal with their homeowners insurance company frequently. When you're starting a roofing sales career, you can set yourself apart by becoming the consumer’s insurance advocate.

Dig into processes for the insurance companies your roofing business deals with regularly. So, for example, when you’re talking with a homeowner about hail damage, you can clearly explain the steps you’ll take to work with the insurance adjustor so the home gets a replacement that looks as good or better than the old roof.


3. Tag along with a more experienced roofing sales pro.

Pairing up with a seasoned salesperson is a smart way to get ahead faster by picking up valuable tips. If possible, tag along with them for more than just your first day on the job. Ideally, you can find a sales mentor who can guide you toward long-term success.

4. Learn the art of the upsell.

Your roofing company offers products and services that add to the client’s experience, whether that’s a longer product life or higher home resale value. But there’s a fine line between helping a customer get the most bang for their buck and making them feel like they got “talked into something.”

Practice actively listening to the homeowner’s concerns, then use those insights to identify relevant upsell opportunities. Do they want their home to stand out in a neighborhood of look-a-like properties? Use that as an opening to present the value of premium shingle styles that add a distinctive look and feel. Learn more in 6 Tactics to Upsell Roofing to Homeowners.

5. When it comes to conveying value, show—don’t tell.  

Competition is tough—in some areas you could face dozens of residential roofing contractors all going after the same customers. As a new salesperson with your company, it’s a must to nail down a sales presentation that sets you apart from everyone else.  

If your crews use an RB4000 lift, show the homeowner the video of how this specialized roofing equipment protects their home during roofing by keeping lawns lush and petunias pretty. It’s this kind of value that sets you apart from roofers who use conventional processes, like tons of tarps and plywood—and that helps grow your sales.

Learn how the RB4000 can lift your production, raise crew morale, and enhance  customer service.

Roofing sales can be a lucrative career...and these tips will help you get off to a confident start so you can make a good living selling roofs.