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Roofing Tips: How to Avoid Property Damage Working in Tight Spaces

Some properties give you plenty of space to maneuver roofing tools and materials. Others, not so much. But working in tight spaces doesn't have to be daunting for your roofing crew. You can manage those tight spaces, making it easier for you or your crews to complete the job efficiently and professionally—so you can earn raving reviews from homeowners.


Recognize the challenges.

Whether you’re navigating a city alleyway or a small town sidewalk, compact spaces make replacing roofs more challenging:

  • You have less room for error. Tight spaces can create headache-inducing damage potential. What’s worse, there may be the added danger of damaging a neighbor’s property, too.
  • You have less room to maneuver debris. Around corners, over bushes, and up ladders—maybe all at the same time! Small lots and city spaces make the moving and disposal of materials even trickier and more time consuming than when you’re working on a larger property.
  • You have less or no room to position a standard-sized dump container near the home. This often forces roofers into the wheelbarrow method of debris removal, adding to physical wear and tear on crew members and increasing labor hours and expenses for roofing business owners. 

So, how do you handle tight spots when roofing?

Have a plan.

Before you break out any roofing tools, survey the property to identify potential damage trouble spots, including landscape features and utilities. Pinpoint areas of concern on adjoining properties, if necessary. Make sure all crew members are aware of these so they can avoid them while working in tight spots. In addition, consider marking the damage hazards with bright flags or cones so roofers can easily navigate them while moving materials. Learn more in our article on preventing property damage in the roofing industry.



Invest in the right roofing tools.

Even specialized roofers’ equipment like the compact, lightweight Equipter RB4000 can be too large to maneuver on some properties. The RB2000 is the original Equipter’s scrappy little brother. It offers many of the benefits of the larger unit but in a condensed package that makes it perfect for working in those super-tight spots. It gives roofers:

  • Drive-ability: It’s powered by a 9-horsepower engine, so roofers can drive it virtually anywhere on the job site and position it next to the home. Once the RB2000 is in the right spot, outriggers stabilize the compact container.
  • Raise-ability: The RB2000 provides a 7-foot lift that enables workers to raise the container closer to the roof for easier tear-off. Crew members can drop debris, such as old shingles and nails, directly into the unit, reducing the risk of property damage from falling materials.
  • Dump-ability: When the RB2000’s container is full, a crew member simply drives it to a conventional trailer, truck, or dump container to transfer debris via the hydraulic dump. No wheelbarrows. No tarp dragging. Just clean, professional debris removal—the kind customers will love.

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Small spaces require smart processes. Keep an eye on our blog and Facebook Business Page for tips to help you develop a plan and use the right roofing tools to land positive reviews and enthusiastic referrals when you're stuck working in tight spaces.