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Marketing a roofing company isn’t as simple as putting an ad in the Yellow Pages anymore. Uncover the secrets to getting your roofing company noticed.

How to Write Catchy Roofing Slogans That Stick

“Shave Time. Shave Money.”
“America runs on Dunkin'.”

Whether it’s Dollar Shave Club or Dunkin' Donuts, the most effective slogans or taglines give consumers an instant snapshot—one that brings the brand to mind so powerfully that it can create a one for good coffee. (Who are we kidding...if you're like our Equipter team, you're craving coffee most of the time!)

After naming your roofing business, creating an effective slogan is often the next step in differentiating yourself from competitors. A good slogan is memorable, highlights a key benefit, and helps you stand out—crucial in a roofing industry where it’s easy to get lost in a sea of white contractor trucks.

So how do you develop a catchy slogan for the roof replacement company you've started?

catchy roofing slogans-min

Focus on what sets you apart.

What differentiates you from every other roofer in local search results? Why should a customer trust you with their hard-earned dollars?

Create a roofing slogan that clearly conveys the value of doing business with you, whether it’s providing exceptional service or navigating tricky restorations.

At Equipter, our slogan, Work Smarter, Not Harder, sums up exactly how our debris management equipment changes the way roofers, landscapers, and other contractors work.


Put yourself on a timer, maybe 20-30 minutes, and let those ideas flow. Look for inspiration in places like your mission and vision statements, business plan, or marketing materials you’ve already produced. You can also dig into the core reasons you started your roofing business in the first place.

Use a slogan generator.

Yes, there’s an app for that! Okay, less of an app and more of an online tool. Do a web search for “slogan generation” tools. Most work by entering a word you’d like to focus on, like quality or service. The program then spits out a list of possible phrases that incorporate the focus word.

But be warned! Generally, slogan generation tools don’t provide a lot of usable options. However, they can give you a starting point, especially if you’re short on time or the creative juices aren’t flowing.

Keep it short.

Most of the best slogans stick to a few words. Aim for a line short enough that it can be paired with a logo—and short enough you can print it on business cards and brochures without having to use a teeny-tiny font no one will be able to read.  

Play with punctuation.

Commas and question marks aren't just for your kid’s high school English class. Once you have a few slogan ideas, experiment with placing commas, periods, dashes, etc., in different places. For example, adding a period between words can change its emphasis dramatically.

Make it ear friendly.

Do the words flow together well? Can you say it easily, without tripping over your tongue? Can your target audience do the same?

Clarity will also help when it comes to marketing that incorporates audio, from a video on your website to your ad on the radio. If the words come across as clunky or muddled, it will confuse the audience—and you'll have just wasted time and money sharing a message that people won’t really get.

Make sure your slogan idea isn't taken.

Businesses can trademark slogans in specific circumstances. Avoid confusion—and legal trouble—by making sure your roofing slogan idea isn’t protected by one. Enter your slogan into a search engine as well as the U.S. Trademark Search Database. Learn more about trademarkable slogans.

Get feedback.

Don’t spend one minute or dollar incorporating it into your marketing only to find out it gives the wrong impression or doesn't sound right. Share your ideas for roofing slogans with folks you trust, like family, friends, or colleagues. They'll provide outside perspective so you can make a better decision. 

Give the line a rest before making the final call.

Once you’ve settled on a final slogan, set it aside to give your brain a break from the creative process. Pull the line back out in a few days and look at it with fresh eyes. If you've gone through the entire process and it's still a winner, you can feel confident you've created a good roofing slogan!