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Labor Shortages Highlight Need for Roofing Recruitment, Retention

Labor shortages continue to dog the residential roofing industry, according to a recent article in The New York Times. General unemployment rates in some areas, like Ames, IA and Boulder, CO, have fallen to 2% while other areas hover around 3-4%. 

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In the article, which details the impact of the shortage on the national economy, Stephanie Pappas from Utah’s Roofer’s Supply said the shortage has prevented her company from fulfilling its “next-day delivery” promise to supply roofing materials. She estimates the business needs at least 15 more drivers to meet demand for their products. The result for her—and many other employers—has been the need to raise wages to attract much-needed employees.

The construction industry as a whole has struggled with labor demand. For example, a study by the Home Improvement Research Institute reports that 70% of home remodelers are dealing with a lack of qualified workers, while 33% have been forced to delay new projects an average of nearly four weeks due to the gap.  

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