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The Self-Propelled Landscape Dump Trailer You Didn’t Know You Needed

The wrong landscaping equipment can make your job harder—but the right equipment will simplify the work so you get more done, faster. The RB3000 specialized dump trailer is the ideal landscape dump trailer designed to make landscaping easier, so you work smarter, not harder.

Check out how it makes your landscaping business more efficient to create more profit potential, whether you're just starting out or you've been in the industry for decades.


It’s self-propelled. 

What landscaping tools do you use now to move dirt, gravel, or other materials? A clunky conventional trailer? An awkward, slow wheelbarrow? A heavy-duty pickup truck? The Equipter RB3000 has a gas-powered engine that allows you to drive the container virtually anywhere on a commercial, residential, or construction site, even in tight spots where conventional containers can’t go.


It does the heavy hauling for you.

Landscaping is hard work, and although landscapers take pride in their jobs, it doesn’t do your business any good if your crew members are constantly worn down or, worse, injured. The Equipter RB3000 can haul up to 4,740 pounds, handling the hard lifting so your employees don’t need to. As a result, jobs get done more quickly and you’ll lower the risk of injury—and the downtime and lost productivity that comes with it.

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It’s dumpable.

This drivable landscape dump trailer comes with a tailgate hinged at the bottom. This simple feature makes material dumping and debris handling so much easier because you can simply deposit materials where you need them. Your pickup truck can't do that!

It’s built for hard work.

The unit may be relatively compact, but it’s engineered to withstand tough landscaping jobs. The container itself is made from rust-proof aluminum, which also gives it a weight advantage—the container is light enough that together with the wide tires for even weight distribution, this landscape dump trailer won’t create ruts in the property. 

The landscaping trailer also comes equipped with independent rear stabilizers so you can safely use the container on uneven ground. The stabilizers also provide support when it’s time to dump mulch, stone, sand, or other landscaping material onto the ground or deposit debris into a trailer.

It’s easy to operate.

The RB3000 is durable, but it’s also compact and easily operated by just one person. The uniquely designed landscape dump trailer also gives you a tight turning radius to easily maneuver the container around narrow and hard-to-reach spots on small residential properties or busy construction sites.

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But how do those landscaping equipment features translate into a healthier bottom line?

  • You spend less time on each project, allowing you to potentially take on additional work.
  • You get better control of payroll expenses because employees spend less time on the clock double-handling materials.
  • Your landscapers experience less physical wear and tear, helping reduce injury costs related to downtime, lost productivity, and workers’ compensation.
  • You finish jobs more efficiently and professionally, which thrills clients and makes them more likely to refer your landscaping business to their friends and family.

The RB3000 can certainly help revolutionize your landscaping business. Find out for yourself–contact us for a free quote today.