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What to Include in Your RB4000 Preventive Maintenance Program

In the roofing industry, workers deserve reliable equipment with flawless performance. The Equipter RB4000 has brought efficiency to the job and allowed roofers to work smarter, not harder. To secure its continued safe use and reliability, it’s important to have a preventive maintenance program in place. 


Whether you’re the owner of an Equipter rental company or your own roofing company, how can you be sure the RB4000 always performs well for all operators?

We recommend the first preventive maintenance take place around 30 service hours. After that, preventive maintenance is recommended every 6 months if used consistently or every 40 hours of use if operated less often.

Remember to take all proper safety precautions while servicing the equipment. This includes making sure the vehicle is level, turning off the engine, and never performing maintenance on the RB4000 unless the dump box is in transport position or in dump position with the support arm in place.

Listed below are several maintenance procedures that should be completed every month, as well as a few that need to be done biannually. For a full list of maintenance tasks, please review to your Equipter RB4000 Service Manual.

Monthly Maintenance for the RB4000

1. Inspect Tires

An important part of caring for your RB4000 is ensuring that its tires are in good condition. 

You can achieve this by visually inspecting them for damage and making sure the tire treads are in good shape. If necessary, adjust the tire pressure to improve fuel efficiency and prevent tire damage. Make sure to keep the lug nuts tightened to avoid unnecessary accidents.

In executing these simple maintenance procedures, your RB4000 will experience improved gas mileage and longer tire life.

2. Lubricate Fittings

The fittings on the RB4000 need to be lubricated to prevent friction and wear. Lubricant is also necessary to absorb shock and lower operating temperatures. Making sure the fittings are well maintained will ensure the machine’s efficiency and durability. 

On the RB4000, lubrication maintenance includes greasing the slide rails, wheel lock pin and handle, front axle hub, and axle engagement system. 

3. Check Trailer Lights

For the safety of those driving the RB4000, the trailer lights must be working properly. Change bulbs that are burnt out and make sure the wiring is intact at all times. This should be an essential part of your RB4000’s monthly preventive maintenance.

Biannual Service for the RB4000

1. Replace Air Filter

An air filter protects the engine from dirt and debris, an essential function for the RB4000. A clogged air filter causes a drop in fuel efficiency as the engine tries to keep up without the proper amount of air. Because of the vacuum effect caused by the blocked filter, dirt can get sucked into the engine This can damage the spark plugs and other parts of the engine, which could put your RB4000 out of order.

To avoid costly engine repairs, it’s important to check and change the air filter every six months.

2. Replace Hydraulic Oil Filter

One of the most essential maintenance tasks to include in your RB4000 preventative maintenance program and ensure your RB4000 remains functioning at its best is replacing its hydraulic oil filter. A clogged oil filter leads to unnecessary downtime and potentially costly repairs, which means decreased productivity for your crew.

Note: Always dispose of used oil filters in compliance with your local regulations.

3. Replace Spark Plug

You know it’s time to replace your RB4000’s spark plug if you have trouble starting the engine. Engine misfires can also occur when the spark plugs go bad, causing emissions to be released and polluting the air.

To maintain better performance and ensure a healthy environment, make sure to change your RB4000’s spark plug when needed.

4. Replace Engine Oil

Oil helps eliminate friction. However, as time goes on, dirt begins to build up in the oil, damaging the engine. To prevent deterioration and retain a smooth-running engine, make it part of your preventive maintenance program to change the oil in your RB4000 every six months (or every 40 hours).

Get your Equipter RB4000 serviced by professionals.

Some preventive maintenance tasks are simple DIYs. You can contact us for your own service manual, which gives more detailed instructions and safety precautions.

However, even though it’s possible to do some servicing on your own, it’s best to have a professional service team examine your equipment. If you’re local, we’re happy to service your RB4000! Just call our Service Department to book an appointment. If not, reach out to us for an RB4000 service manual and kit for your local mechanic to use on your RB4000.

If you own an Equipter, make sure your equipment gives your workers and renters what they deserve. Keep your Equipter serviced and in good condition to continue bringing efficiency and professionalism to the job site.