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Why Build a Business Plan for Your Roofing Company

Does your roofing business have a roadmap to success? If not, it’s time to create one. Writing a business plan might sound like tedious “paperwork,” but in reality it’s an action plan that will help you build a more focused, more productive company. Here's why every roofing company should build a business plan.

roofing road map to success

A business plan defines success goals.

Use the business plan as an opportunity to pinpoint goals, whether it’s increasing sales, reducing overhead, or some other priority. When you identify those goals, you can direct time, money, and people power to achieve them rather than wasting resources on tasks that don’t increase profit, boost productivity, or provide stellar customer service.

A business plan helps you strategize for roofing equipment investments.

Equipter_RB4000_Lifted.jpgDon’t just wish you had the money to invest in productivity-boosting equipment, like the Equipter RB4000 specialized roofing trailer. Use a business plan to turn that wish into an on-the-job reality. A plan can help you earmark funds for an investment or nudge you to look for financing options. Check out Equipter’s financing programs that can make professional roofing more affordable.

A business plan gives you a peek at the competition.

What do your competitors do well? Where do they fall short? Part of writing an effective business plan involves checking out what other roofing replacement companies are doing. This gives you the opportunity to capitalize on their weaknesses (like poor customer service) and identify best practices in their strengths (like a helpful roofing blog for homeowners).

A business plan defines priorities so you can make informed decisions.

Roofing_Decision_Making.jpgIt can be tough to get a handle on important info when you have so many tasks to juggle. When you write a roofing business plan, you’ll have the information to make better-informed decisions about cash flow, time, productivity, equipment, employees, and more.  

A business plan keeps your team on track.

Who’s responsible for what? How will team members achieve their goals? A business plan for your roof replacement company is the perfect tool for ensuring managers and supervisors understand their roles and how they’ll contribute to the company’s success. Refer back to the plan when you need to compare metrics and goals with team members’ actions.

A business plan strips some of the emotion from decision-making.

The business plan will include numbers, like sales and cash flow, that reflect what’s actually going on within the company. Seeing these numbers in black and white can help relieve the emotion that sometimes drives decision-making—a factor that might be especially important if you operate a family-run roofing business.

A business plan can help reboot the business.

Maybe sales were down significantly this year. Or perhaps employee morale bottomed out. Business planning, which includes setting actionable goals, lets you create a new roadmap for success.

Ready to start building a business plan for your roofing company? Inc. shared its Top 10 Business Plan Templates You Can Download for Free.