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2 Ways to Boost Production Without Hiring More Roofers

If you find yourself advertising for skilled roofing help, you know how hard it can be to get the job done right when you’re shorthanded. The number of experienced roofers is not rising at a desirable, making hiring more roofers for reputable roofing companies much more difficult.


Lack of skilled workers is expected to dog the roofing industry for some time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for roofers is expected to rise 13% by 2024—a rate nearly twice the projected overall job growth rate of 7% for that same period.

But strategies exist to boost production without hiring more roofers. Here are two ways to get the job done with a smaller roofing crew:

1. Streamline debris handling.

The conventional “toss it all on the ground” method of roofing may get the job done, but it adds hours to the day. Sometimes it even requires a crew member assigned to clean-up to be stationed on the ground for all or part of the day.


The Equipter RB4000, a roofing dump trailer designed by roofers for roofers, streamlines material handling so your crews are more productive. Here’s how it works:

  • It’s self-propelled: After you tow the Equipter to the job site, unhitch it and drive the machine almost anywhere onsite using its simple-to-operate gas-powered engine. That means you can place the Equipter right next to the home—something you typically can’t do with a large conventional container.
  • It’s raisable: Position the container right off the roofline using its 12-foot hydraulic lift feature. Your roofers simply drop debris directly into the raised Equipter with a 10.5-foot catch span rather than on the ground.
  • It’s dumpable: When the RB4000’s lightweight aluminum container is full, lower it and drive the unit to dump the load into your trailer, truck, or conventional dumpster.

The result is that instead of advertising Roofing Crews Wanted, you can reduce workloads by eliminating the double- and triple-handling that can add hours to each project. Debris goes from roof to container to disposal.

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2. Streamline office tasks.

One study of roofing construction professionals found that poor communication and poor planning were two major reasons for lost productivity. Take stock of your roofing company’s office tasks to determine where you’re losing time. Areas to examine include:

  • Office workflow: Maybe you use so many internal communication channels (email, text, internal messaging) that nobody knows how to get messages to coworkers or subordinates quickly. Or perhaps you struggle with constant confusion regarding who is supposed to do what. Pinpoint the problems that drain the most time and then find solutions, whether that’s designating an “official” communication channel or defining a set workflow that clarifies everyone’s responsibilities.
  • Office technology: Smart use of technology can make it much easier to accomplish tasks when you’re shorthanded. Look for office tech culprits that slow down crews, from the lack of an app-accessible inventory management program or a customer signature app that never works like it’s intended. Find solutions to those tech pain points to boost efficiency.

Don’t let the need to advertise for more roofing employees slow your business down. Streamline material handling and office processes to help your roofing company raise its productivity, and keep an eye on the Equipter blog for more ways to improve your roofing company without hiring more roofers.