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Roofing Sales Training Tips: 6 Mistakes to Avoid During Training

Sales professionals are big investments for roof replacement business owners, especially if you’re an owner who’s traditionally taken on that role yourself. So it pays to make sure that, when you take the plunge, these critical team members are properly trained. Avoid these roofing sales training fails so you can build the best sales team in the roofing industry.

roofing sales training tips

1. Don’t train for roofing chops alone.

You can invest all the time in the world training someone how to give a roofing sales pitch, but it won’t mean much if that salesperson doesn’t represent your company values or connect with homeowners. An effective training program will help your sales folks understand and convey your company’s culture so they can build stronger, referral-generating relationships with prospects and clients.

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2. Don’t neglect to provide the tools needed to rock their presentation.

From apps that allow homeowners to see what a new shingle color will look like on their home to videos of roofing equipment like the RB4000, your salespeople need tools that help consumers decide that your roofing company is the best option. Training for roofing sales pros should ensure they know which tools to use and how to use them effectively. 

Key your new hire in on your sales strategy to keep their game strong.

3. Don’t assume all salespeople learn the same way.  

Just because the last sales hire easily learned the basics of your financing program during a one-minute conversation doesn’t mean your next hire will do the same. One employee may learn better from a chart, while another learns more effectively when you verbally explain a point. If you have a salesperson struggling to understand a concept, consider changing the way you present it.

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4. Don’t neglect the value of role play and field work.

Successful sales is all about communication between two or more human beings—and that means emotions, like rejection or frustration, can get in the way of educating the consumer and closing the deal. Use role play or field work with more experienced team members to help new salespeople learn to deal with objections and make adaptive decisions.

roofing feedback

5. Don’t forget to provide feedback during training.

Constructive feedback is a powerful learning tool in any roofing sales training program—even an informal one. Analyze performance in role play or in the field, and then provide specific feedback that enables your new salesperson to make more effective decisions moving forward.  

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6. Don’t cast salespeople adrift after training.

Roofing sales training isn’t a once-and-done effort. Continue training and support throughout the salesperson’s tenure with your company. New situations may come up regularly, and he or she may need guidance to effectively deal with them. By keeping communication channels open, you create opportunities to help your salesperson solve problems and better serve homeowners.

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