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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Landscaping Business Names

Whether you’re starting a new landscaping business or rebranding an existing one, choosing a name can feel as stressful as naming a baby. In fact, in some cases, it’s easier to name a newborn! But if you follow these tips for choosing the best landscaping business names, you can narrow your options until you find the right name for your business.


Do search name ideas on Google.

As you develop a list of business names that seem like good choices, always do an online search for those names. This can save you the heartbreak of finding out that the name you just painted on all your trucks and equipment, like the RB3000 landscaping trailer, is the same as another landscaping company two counties over with a horrendous reputation.

Don’t forget to consider social media handles & web URLs.

When you’re picking a landscape business name, consider how it will appear on social platforms and website URLs, too. For example, a name like Bob’s Best Landscaping and Water Gardens, Inc. will need to be shortened considerably if you’re going to turn it into a Twitter handle (username).

You’ll also want to check to make sure your choice has an available domain name (website address). If the domain name you want is taken, you’ll need to decide if you’re willing to abbreviate the name or perhaps buy a domain registration like .biz instead of .com. You can also bookmark our article on landscape website must-haves for when you're designing your new site.

Avoid embarrassment, too, by writing out potential social media handles and URL names on paper to make sure that, when the words in your landscape business name ideas are pushed together, they don’t accidentally form an inappropriate or giggle-worthy word.

Don’t present business name choices “to committee” until you have a final list.

The fastest way to slow down the search for your landscaping business name is to get opinions from many others too early in the process. The initial name search should begin with you and other necessary stakeholders (like a business partner). After you finish the initial broad search, narrow down the list to three to five finalists. Then, if you want additional opinions from valued individuals like employees, spouses, or friends, ask them to choose their preference from that smaller list.

Do choose location-based business names with care.

Using a name that includes a town, county, or region can seem like a good idea now. However, as your business—and your service area—grows, this type of name can actually hinder your reach. For example, if your business name includes “Lancaster” but you want to expand in a few years to serve areas in Maryland, new Maryland-based prospects may not realize your landscaping business serves their area.

Don’t be tempted to choose unusual spellings or words.

It doesn’t matter if a prospect is paging through a phonebook or using a search engine, common words with uncommon spellings will make it tougher for customers to find you. For example, if one of your landscaping business name ideas is You-nique Landscaping, customers may search under Unique Landscaping instead—and that can translate into lost business, business potentially gained by a competitor.

The same is true for foreign language words. Prospects may have a challenging time searching for—or even pronouncing—the name of a Greek god or Welsh fairy.

Choosing landscaping business names lays the foundation for how prospects view and find businesses—so be sure to use these tips when you're rebranding or starting a landscaping business, and check out our list of must-do tasks for starting your landscape business.