3 Reasons Why the Equipter RB4000 is American-Made

August 23, 2021

The Equipter RB4000 and the rest of our products are all manufactured in the heart of Amish Country here in Lancaster County, PA.



3 Roofing Marketing Tactics Your Company Needs

July 27, 2021

Whether you’re new to the roofing industry or you’ve been around the block a time or two (literally), it’s critical to reach out to prospects where they are—and these days that’s online. Now successful business often requires more than a website; it requires a full online presence.

Here are three roofing marketing tactics your roofing company can use to stay competitive.


3 Types of Roof Safety Systems to Protect Your Toughest Roofers

June 17, 2021

Roofing fatalities and injuries are nothing new to the industry. Even with the advancement of roofing safety technologies, these are still issues that have devastating long-term effects on individuals and families throughout the roofing industry.

How can you help your workers reduce the risk of becoming statistics?


6 Pieces of Roofing Safety Equipment and Tools to Stay Safe on the Job

June 10, 2021

Are your hardworking roofers safe? Sometimes it feels like being safe can slow down the job, but it doesn't have to.


4 Roofing Tear-Off Tools to Install Roofs Faster

May 6, 2021

There's a wide array of roofing tools and equipment available for roofers like you to use for every part of the job. From software for contact and schedule management to small hand tools to larger pieces of innovative equipment, each plays an essential part in making your roofing process efficient.


Traditional Solar Panels vs Solar Shingles: What's the Difference?

April 29, 2021

Homeowners are trying to make the best investment for their budget while maintaining their values, and you, as a roofer, can help them. Talking about traditional solar panels vs solar shingles can help them make more informed decisions, regardless of whether or not you offer them. 

But why talk about them if you don't offer solar roofing systems?


2 Big Reasons NOT to Buy Roofing Leads [With Alternatives]

April 1, 2021

Are you considering buying your roofing leads from a company because you need a fast solution to fill your pipeline? Have you ever considered that purchasing a list may not be the best long-term investment for your company?


Asphalt or Solar Roof Shingles: 4 Points to Cover with Homeowners

March 25, 2021

If you offer solar roof installations or want to begin offering solar installations, are you prepared to talk to homeowners about it?


How to Talk to Homeowners About Integrated Solar Roofs [And Why]

March 11, 2021

With all the talk about solar roofing today–especially from companies like Tesla and GAF–you as a roofing professional need to be ready to join the conversation.


6 Roofing Companies That Use the Equipter RB4000 on Their Websites

February 25, 2021

The Equipter RB4000 isn’t just for increasing efficiency on the job. Equipter offers materials to help our customers make the most out of their self-propelled dump trailers off the job, too.