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Why Biniek Specialty Contractors is Considering a 3rd Equipter RB4000

Paul Biniek understands the value of a good investment. Since 1997, he’s invested in good labor, thorough training, and productivity-boosting equipment to grow Biniek Specialty Contractors into a successful south-central PA company.

The business, which offers a full slate of exterior services like residential and commercial roofing, storm repair, and gutters, purchased its first Equipter RB4000 roofing trailer in 2013.

Delivering Real ROI for Paul & His Team

Reducing Labor Costs

Biniek Specialty Contractors has seen a direct impact on its books since buying the RB4000. Paul says the debris control trailer saves the company the equivalent of three laborers’ salaries every year. The increased efficiency led the company to purchase a second RB4000 in 2018, and Paul says it’s likely his team will purchase a third Equipter soon.


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Shortening the Learning Curve

Adding new equipment or new staff can slow down a crew if the equipment is complex. But the Equipter RB4000 is easy to learn and simple to use. “It’s very self-explanatory. Somebody could start using this unit in the morning and by afternoon they’ll be pretty good at it,” says Paul.


Keeping the Best Crews

He’s also seen firsthand the positive impact the RB4000’s had on his workforce. “Aside from investing in my crews and their training and knowledge, the Equipter is the single most important piece of equipment we’ve invested in. You want your workforce to be happy and have good morale. That’s the number one thing the Equipter will do for your crews.”

Paul says, “Once you get used to using this, you won’t go back.”


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