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R3 Construction Repairs Storm Damage to FL Resort with the Equipter

Restoration company R3 Construction specializes in storm damage repair. The company was founded in an effort to help homeowners and businesses navigate through the headaches of the storm damage insurance claim process while also helping them restore their properties.


The Destin, FL, branch of R3 Construction had been working on repairing consistent storm damage to a resort in the area for some time when they discovered the Equipter.


“Total, I think we’ve completed around 5,000 squares of roofing to date on this project and we still have a little bit more to finish,” Florida Regional General Manager, Tim Basinger, said.


So, what inspired Tim to rent the Equipter?


Easy Access to Tight Spots

Tim and his crew ran into a setback.


“The property we’re working on…has a nine-hole chip and put golf course,” explained Mat Matthews, Co-Owner of R3 Construction, “which limits the access to most of the buildings on the property.”


Tim spent time doing research for equipment that could help get them back on track.


“I came across [the] Equipter and found that it was the ideal tool for the situation. And it solved a lot of the complexities of this job with the hard-to-reach areas,” Tim said.


Working with an Equipter Rental Company

Tim’s team was in a pinch. They needed this drivable dumpster sooner rather than later, so he connected with us here at Equipter, and we provided him with info for one of our Florida connections.


“Dave at FL. Equipter Rentals was really fantastic. I gave him a call and honestly overnight he drove his machine up here from south FL…about a seven- or eight-hour drive…and made sure that I had it here first thing in the morning the day that we needed it.”


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No Property Damage

“What I like about the Equipter,” Mat said, “it can drive through almost any terrain and it cuts our production time almost in half.”


Unlike heavy construction equipment, the Equipter was initially designed to protect properties. The unit’s GVWR is a mere 7,500 pounds with wide tires that help evenly distribute the weight during transport. That means minimal imprint and no property damage.


After using the Equipter, Tim noted, “...If we were using a heavy machine, it would’ve torn up the grass, it would've left ruts, divots, all sorts of just mess on the golf course there. With the Equipter, it was nothing. No tracks, no issues, no divots, no ruts. It was like we were never even there. The Equipter has been invaluable with our production here.”


Safer Environment for Vacationers

Also serving as Senior Project Manager, one of Tim’s goals is also to protect residents’ and guests’ safety. “We’re trying to minimize our impact on this property so that people can enjoy their vacations.”


Thanks to the safety and efficiency brought to R3 Construction’s job site by the Equipter, the resort’s business continued as usual during the reparation process.


“[The Equipter] allows us to get these shingles right off the roof into a dump bucket and get it into the trash without…worrying about little kids stepping on a nail or something of that nature.” Tim shared. “We also have a lot of pets that are here too, and it helps out for our furry friends.”


All-Around Positive Experience

Renting the Equipter created a unique and positive experience for R3 Construction, their customer, and their customer’s customers.


“If you’re unsure, just reach out to Equipter and they’ll get you set up with somebody in your area that has a rental available,” Tim recommended. “I guarantee you’re going to be impressed.”



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