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4 Quick Social Media Tips for Roofers and Contractors

Tweets. Posts. Likes. Chances are good that you want to spend your valuable time booking and completing roofing jobs. Social media management tasks might not be high on your priority list, but they should be. Potential and current customers are constantly surfing social media to find and review home services just like yours. Check out these 4 painless, quick social media tips for roofers and contractors.

social media tips for roofers

1. Check your company’s online reviews.

One of the simplest ways to gauge your company's online reputation is to find out what customers are saying about your contracting or roofing company via review websites.

Common places to find customers' thoughts on your company's services include review websites and platforms like:

Pinpoint trouble spots that suggest where your company could improve services or customer interactions. For example, if reviewers complained the crew left the yard looking like a junk pile, consider how you can improve by using tools like the Equipter RB4000 and the New Roof No Mess Program.

How should you handle bad online reviews? Check out these tips for roofers and other contracting professionals.

Give credit when you earn good reviews, too. If a homeowner raved about the professionalism or speed of crew members, pass that positive online review along to those employees—and thank them for their biz-building work!

2. Scope out the competition.

What are your competitors doing to earn customers and referrals? If you can’t answer that question, take a few minutes to find out. Check out their websites and social media profiles to see how they’re engaging with customers. You can even get a sense for which online campaigns are working (or not working) by looking at the frequency of their online interactions, such as Likes or Shares on Facebook.

Remember to look at their online reviews too. The sites listed above will likely have reviews for your roofing or contracting competition. Read what homeowners say about them, and identify areas where your business can differentiate itself to attract clients.

3. Learn how to schedule social media posts.

Who has time to drop everything in the middle of the day to post on Facebook? You do…when you use scheduling features or social media post scheduling platforms. This allows you to write Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook posts during downtime but schedule them for publication at a time you choose. Find out how to easily schedule a post directly from your company’s Facebook Page. You can also schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, and more by using social media management platforms, like Buffer or Hootsuite.

4. Add social media links to your email signatures.

This is one of those super-simple social media tips for roofers and contractors. Go to the Settings section of each of your email accounts (personal and business), and add signature links to the company’s social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other sites. Ask employees to add your company’s social links to any business email accounts they use as well.

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