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The Best Landscape Trailers on the Market

Equipment matters when you want to grow a landscaping business. For many landscaping pros, a sturdy, quality trailer is a must-have workhorse. But before you make that purchase, it's important to consider the different types available in order to find which is the best landscape trailer for your business.

best landscape trailers on the market

Enclosed Landscape Trailer

Several equipment manufacturers offer enclosed trailers, a versatile choice for landscaping businesses. One of the reasons some business owners consider the enclosed landscape trailer as one of the best landscape trailers on the market is because it's a safer way to transport and store materials and tools, providing an extra layer of security against thieves and bad weather. 

Single-Axle or Tandem-Axle Open Landscape Trailer

This is a common piece of landscaping equipment, and, for many years, it’s been a go-to tool for landscaping professionals. The open design of this type of landscape trailer allows you to pile up debris, from dirt to clippings, so you can deposit it wherever it needs to go. Depending on the manufacturer and model, you might find additional features like spring suspension, lockable boxes, and more.  

Compact Landscaping Trailer

Small dump trailers, especially those with extra-thick polyethylene beds and walls, can be the best fit for smaller landscaping jobs. You can hitch this type to a tractor or four-wheeler, making it ideal when you have space to operate vehicles. While models vary in size, expect a compact dump trailer to handle landscaping loads in the 1,000-1,250-pound range.

RB3000 Landscape Trailer: The Self-Propelled Solution

This specialized, towable landscaping trailer is an efficiency booster that helps your business work smarter—not harder!

Because it’s self-propelled by a gas-powered engine, you can load the container and drive materials from your truck to virtually anywhere on residential or commercial properties, as well as on busy construction sites. Then use the hydraulic dump to position and deposit mulch, dirt, and other materials, reducing the manual labor required to haul materials by shovel or wheelbarrow.

The American-made Equipter RB3000 was designed by a family-run roofing business, so it’s engineered specifically to reduce property damage while on the job. Wide tires and the lightweight aluminum container make it less likely to tear up established lawns than landscaping trailers with narrow tires and heavy beds.

Your landscaping business will see the results in higher productivity and fewer labor hours. And, since this trailer for landscapers does the heavy lifting for you, it helps decrease the physical wear and tear that comes from hauling heavy materials all day.

The best landscape trailers will boost efficiency and contribute to your profit potential! Click below to check out the Equipter RB3000 in action.

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