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5 Productivity Tips to Boost Your HVAC Business

Are you ready to transform your HVAC business into a lean, mean productivity machine? If you’re a business owner or manager, use these HVAC productivity tips to rock your time and resources for a better bottom line.

1. Get your parts in order.

Organize all trucks in the same way so technicians aren’t forced to hunt for parts, use runners to transport parts when needed, and regularly review inventory to ensure your guys have all the materials they need. Evaluate how the parts are laid out in the warehouse as well, and reorganize shelves so the most-used parts are in the easiest-to-access locations.

2. Invest in the right tools for the job.

equipter compact mobile craneIt’s hard to get the job done right when techs are using the wrong tools. Boost productivity for your HVAC crew by making sure the team is properly equipped with high-quality tools, like the CR8000 self-propelled mobile crane, which is powerful enough to wrangle heavy HVAC units and compact enough to maneuver around residential properties and crowded commercial job sites. Plus, the compact crane offers the wide tires and lightweight construction that reduces or prevents damage to residential lawns and landscaping.

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3. Improve company culture.

AdobeStock_104460502.jpeg.jpgA growing body of research suggests that negative work environments lead to lower productivity as well as higher absenteeism, errors, and accidents. Keep HVAC employees more productive by creating a culture that promotes employee value and respect. Take the temperature (pun shamelessly intended!) of your current culture by using paper employee surveys or an online tool, like Survey Monkey. Then use the feedback to identify gaps where you can improve the working environment. Consider additional team-building ideas, too, such as launching a company community project. For instance, donate contracting materials and time to a local nonprofit or participate as a company team in a race or event that raises funds for a cause.

4. Put technology to work for you.

From customer relationship management (CRM) tools to dispatching software, look for opportunities to use technology to increase HVAC productivity. No matter what type of tech you’re shopping for, always choose a platform that’s simple to use and easy to integrate—the fanciest software in the world can’t increase your productivity if it’s a big-time hassle for you and your team to use.

5. Make templates your friend.

Templates aren’t just for forms like invoices or work orders. Make your HVAC office a productivity machine by using templates for everything from customer survey requests to email marketing to thank you letters.

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