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How to Complete More Roofing Jobs This Year [With the Same Crew]

As demand for high-performing roofers increases and the ability to find them decreases, roofing companies face a multitude of challenges, including turning down big jobs. But if you shift your focus–and resources–from hiring to increasing production, you may not have to lose jobs due to lack of labor this year. 

What can you do? 

Use these time-saving alternatives to complete more roofing jobs.

Take a look at the list of solutions we've put together to help you shift how you do business this year. 

1. Manage prospects, customers, and material supply with roofing software.


While roofing has always been an essential industry, many of the management processes have become more digital over the past few years. Roofing software can help you manage estimates, the timeline and payment status of each project, streamline communication between your contractors and customers, and even order materials straight from suppliers. 

Here's a short list of popular roofing software companies to kickstart your research: 

Managing processes and communication digitally can help save time and money on admin tasks, allowing you to get more done without hiring more office staff. 

Get a more in-depth look at the benefits of the above roofing software here. 

2. Invest in innovative roofing equipment. 

Kingdom Roofing Multiple EquiptersWatch Kingdom Roofing use the Equipters RB4000 and RB2000 together here.

Face it. The hiring process is expensive and time-consuming, especially without an in-house hiring manager. From creating the job listing to vetting applicants to the interviews involving HR and your job foremen to onboarding the new crew member, it can take well over a month and precious production time to find the right fit. 

Having the right equipment on the job can enhance production without needing to train new roofers on your crews. Here is a list of Equipter's low-maintenance, high-quality equipment that's statistically proven to increase productivity on the job: 

  • Equipter RB4000
    This compact and drivable roofing dumpster was designed for roofers by roofers in 2004 and has been enhancing how roofing professionals do business across the US ever since. With a 12-foot lift and 4,000-lb lift capacity, the Equipter RB4000 streamlines debris cleanup and material transport across the job. According to a 2018-2019 Equipter customer survey, 91.67% of respondents said that their companies have been able to do more work with more efficient crews since purchasing the Equipter. 
  • Equipter RB2500
    At 4 feet 4 inches wide, the Equipter RB2500 is even more compact than the RB4000. With nearly all the same functions (drivable, liftable, dumpable), it's designed to get into tighter spots. The lift capacity is 2,500 pounds, and the user can easily raise the aluminum dump container up to 7 feet. 
  • Equipter RB2000
    Perfect for narrow alleyways and easy access through chainlink fences to backyards, this 2-foot 11-inch wide dump container is ideal for city roof replacement jobs. With a GVWR of 3,000 pounds, this is Equipter's lightest liftable and drivable dump container that is simple to navigate down concrete and brick sidewalks. 
  • Equipter Stow-A-Brake
    The Equipter Stow-A-Brake is a particular favorite for roofing and general contractors, because it takes the stress out of setting up your flashing brake. This hydraulics-operated brake storage system easily mounts to standard A-frame ladder racks and takes just one person to move from resting to working position. 

Every piece of Equipter equipment is easily operable by just one person. That means you don't have to struggle to hire more workers for your ground crew to handle the dirty work throughout the day. And with the right accessories, it's simple to funnel roofing debris all along the roof into the dump containers during tear-off.


Rent The 4000


3. Automate customer communication after the job.


Automation is key for gauging and maintaining customer satisfaction after you complete a homeowner's roof replacement. Roofing CRMs allow you to streamline post-job communication, ranging from follow-ups to customer surveys. Surveys are great opportunities to get constructive feedback on what went great and what part of your process may need improvement. Analyzing areas for improvement can also help you decide whether to hire additional hands.  

When you build automation workflows, be sure to incorporate offline to-dos, as well. Add reminders to send handwritten thank-you notes, send holiday cards and/or gift baskets, and make annual courtesy calls. These actions build value and increase referrals, creating more opportunities to land–and complete–more jobs for years to come.

Take advantage of your existing resources.

Is your current roofing software up to date? Are you using every feature you're already paying for? When was the last time you serviced your current roofing equipment? Make sure you're taking advantage of everything already at your fingertips before making additional investments.

Then, with the right systems in place and more innovative roofing equipment on the job, you will be able to complete more jobs without hiring more roofers this year.