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Marketing a landscaping company isn’t as simple as putting an ad in the Yellow Pages anymore. Uncover the secrets to getting your landscaping company noticed.

5 Tips to Improve Google and Facebook Ads for Landscaping Companies

From Facebook to Google, digital advertising can be a savvy tool for landscape companies. But if you’re new to Google or Facebook ads for landscaping or simply want to take them to the next level, incorporate these tips into your social media advertising strategy.

digital landscaping ads

1. Know your target audience. 

Are you targeting real estate agents who might recommend your services? Corporate office building accounts? It’s a must-ask question because the answer will not only help you develop audience targeting on specific platforms, like Facebook, it will also help you design landscaping ads that speak directly to your prospects’ pain points.  

2. Understand their pain points.

Your target audience has a problem. You have the solution. Leverage Google and Facebook ads for landscaping  to address those pain points directly. For example, if you’re targeting property managers in the Northeast, you might run a campaign that highlights your use of the Equipter RB3000 trailer, a self-propelled landscape dump trailer that reduces the risk of property damage. 

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3. Tell the prospect what they should do next. 

Inserting a strong call-to-action (CTA) is key to making a digital advertisement successful, regardless of platform. Whether you want them to sign up for a free lawn quote or download a how-to ebook on landscaping, make the CTA clear and compelling. Make sure it’s hassle free too; that is, don’t ask the prospect to fill out their life story just to download your ebook.

Bonus Tip: Keep your lead form simple. The more fields your visitor needs to fill in, the less likely they'll actually download the asset or take advantage of your latest deal. (Common fields: First Name, Last Name, Company Email, Phone, Company Name.)

4. Track and measure the ad.

Platforms like Facebook and Google Adwords offer extensive tracking to help you better understand what you’re getting from the advertising campaign. Not sure which metrics you should look at or maybe even which ones you can measure with your digital landscaping ads? Check out 10 Key Metrics for Measuring Digital Campaign Performance.

5. Consider A/B testing.

One factor that can make digital landscaping ads so valuable is the ability to test different versions for effectiveness. Commonly called A/B testing, the process allows you to rely on hard numbers rather than educated guesses or intuition. When you understand what works—and what doesn’t—you can better design ads that drive action, such as scheduling a free lawn assessment.

For example, you can run ads that test whether a specific call-to-action is more effective than another, or perhaps whether a certain type of image generates more clicks than another. To learn more about the testing process, check out HubSpot’s The A/B Testing Checklist You’ll Want to Bookmark.

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